Ukrainian troops with NATO allies liberate occupied territories during military exercise

Ukrainian troops with NATO allies liberate occupied territories during military exercise

Today, a practical phase of the international Combined Resolve XI maneuvers that was hold at Joint Multinational Readiness center of the USA Armed Forces in Hohenfels, Germany, has been completed. At the exercise, Ukraine was represented by a unit of the 24th Mechanized Brigade which brought their BMP-2 APCs, a group of the AFU’s Special Operations Forces, international monitoring teams and a number of experts in the field of military and civilian co-operation.


The attacking stage of the practical phase lasted for over two days. This time, according to the combat coordination legend, following the defensive battles the Ukrainian troops as NATO forces’ allies, carried out a transfer to the designated sector where had to take perimeter defense. The Ukrainian unit reinforced by an US tank platoon, in its advance was following the first allies’ echelon whose task was to attack the opponent, to liberate settlements and control them. During the movement, the opponent was repeatedly carrying out ambush attacks. Ukrainian infantry together with American tanks successfully repelled the attacks while proceeding with continuous advance. The AFU’s SpecOp troops with their colleagues from ally armies completed various tasks on storming and clearing of the designated objects.


As a result, in accordance with the maneuvers scenario, the BLUEFOR forces took control of an “occupied” territory having neutralized the conditional opponent. At final briefing of the Combined Resolve XI final phase, commanders of the units participating in the drills, will analyze their results in detail to determine the most effective ways of improving interaction of multinational troops.


More than 5.500 service members from 16 nations have taken part in the November two-week phase of the maneuvers; in particular, armed forces of Azerbaijan, Albania, Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, USA, Germany, Montenegro and Ukraine among them.


The Combined Resolve exercise is being held twice a year to improve the readiness and lethality of participating NATO forces and their allies during joint land operations.


Photo: courtesy of AFU General Staff

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