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A gift of light

151 people donated
94 900 uah (2 487 USD)
of 130 000 uah (3 406 USD)
73% raised
Updated 07.01.2024 at 15:36
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What it’s about

The People’s Project Volunteer Center is launching a new project. This initiative is aimed at benefiting older people living in the frontline city. People who spend the rest of their days alone in the four walls of their own apartment. People who need help from the outside, and most of them have special needs. To take care of the elderly, to give them the minimum necessary — is absolutely possible if we join our forces.

What we are raising funds for

We were approached by fellow volunteers from the frontline city. For a long time they have been taking care of the needs of the elderly women living in Svitlodarsk. In total, about a thousand elderly people are under their care. And there is a list of special needs: about a hundred elderly people who, due to their age and state of health, need special attention.

We are set to help with some of the urgent needs, and raise a relatively modest amount of money. With this money we will buy the necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment. And fellow volunteers will save some money and buy medicine and food.

We can’t bring back their youth and health. But together we are able to take care of them, to give them the opportunity to live with dignity, not having to deal so much with age and health problems. The list of needs and approximate costs is given below. We would like to emphasize that we are truly grateful to everyone who will help us take care of people. None of this is going to be in vain.

Support canes
paid 100%
25/25 pcs.
7 185 UAH
Adult diapers
paid 87.5%
35/40 pack
10 285 UAH
paid 0%
0/1 pcs.
5 187 UAH
Elbow crutches
paid 100%
24/24 pcs.
5 890 UAH
Automatic tonometers
paid 100%
22/22 pcs.
10 269 UAH
Disposable diapers
paid 0%
0/30 pack
Support walkers
paid 100%
18/18 pcs.
18 544 UAH

Totally:   130 000.00 UAH



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Raised: 94 900 UAH(2 487 USD)
Still needed 35 100 UAH(919 USD)
Spent 0 UAH(0 USD)
Balance 94 900 UAH(2 487 USD)
94 900 UAH (2 487 USD)
Settlement account 26004001702436
26/08/2302:07100 UAH ******1354
29/07/2303:00125 UAH ******1354
09/07/2322:041 000 UAH 535528*20
03/07/2317:54500 UAH 444111*98
28/06/2322:4875 UAH ******1354
01/06/2310:1475 UAH ******1354
06/05/2314:17100 UAH ******1354
15/03/2311:42300 UAH 414943*13
15/03/2311:42100 UAH 535562*17
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 94 900.00 UAH (2 487 USD)
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