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People’s Project is a non-commercial and nonprofit organization. It is an association made up of volunteers and caring people who coordinate their efforts for social initiatives aimed to support the People of Ukraine. Thousands of volunteers and benefactors from throughout Ukraine and abroad are engaged in activities carried out by People’s Project. For the whole period of work, we realized over a hundred charity projects, the total budget of which amounts to over 100 million hryvnias. And know what? We are ready to account for each penny of it, both raised or spent.


It all began in the spring of 2014 when annexation of the Crimea and war in Donbas started. A few volunteers visited Chonhar (a checkpoint in Kherson region, South Ukraine, bordering occupied Crimea) where our paratroopers were holding defense then. The situation was rather terrible – despite determination shown by the fighters, material destitution was obvious. The volunteers combined their efforts in commitment to turn the remains of the Ukrainian army into a capable and well-equipped entity as well as to take care of ordinary people suffering during the war.

There were five enthusiasts who acted as the driving force behind the Project. Within just a half of a year, hundreds of sympathetic people joined in. Over time, apart from supporting combat troops, we went in further medical treatment for wounded. We decided to use up-to-date approach involving the application of cutting-edge technologies: we started to grow up new skin and bones for those fighters who had been abandoned by conventional medicine. We also bought an innovative apparatus for rehabilitation of wounded. As well as saved about eighty heavily injured fighters from death, amputation, and lifetime maim; to restore them and give them the chance for a normal life. Today, we are proceeding with this kind of work.

Now, apart from the material backing of troops and medical centers, aside from treatment of wounded fighters and other charity initiatives, we are trying to develop and support promising projects and social initiatives useful for our country and able of changing our fellow citizens’ lives for the better. This is the sphere where we can prove truly useful for Ukraine.

And here is a good example: within one of our recently completed initiatives, O.R. Upgrade, People’s Project raised necessary funds and bought equipment for modernization of surgery blocks of Cherkasy Third City Emergency Hospital. You can read the detailed story following the link. A bit earlier we implemented the Bloodmobile project, under which assisted in equipping of a special vehicle for prompt delivery of donor blood to hospitals in frontline areas.


Complete transparency is the key principle of activities carried out by People’s Project. There is no hidden bookkeeping, concealed expenditures, or manipulations. We never deal with cash and accept no-cash payments only. One can easily find both detailed needs by each project and complete data on expenditures, on our website. Thanks to the application of LiqPay service all monetary proceeds on each project are displayed in real time. Each project contains detailed financial report as a must. You can try it out to make sure: as soon as you donate money, your contribution goes immediately displayed in a project’s online income summary.


Dear friends, there are still lots of good initiatives we can prove supportive of together. Please follow us on social networks and share our materials. We cannot say we are addicted to your “Likes”, but the more people get to know about our activities, the more fighters we will be able to support. If possible, help us with your donations as even the least contribution can prove helpful in saving someone’s life. Be compassionate and help people; improve your own Karma and encourage others to change our world for the better.


The legal side of our activities has been ensured by Blahochestia Charity Fund. The Fund has been existing for 10 years; it is a participant of the National Ranking of transparent and reliable institutions whose purpose is supporting of medical initiatives and provision of the army. This means that high level of trust is put into our activities, as the Fund has been given the highest awards of the Ranking for a few years in a row.


We never use accounts of natural persons or individual volunteers. All sums are being collected on the Fund’s official accounts. This ensures complete transparency and full control of all financial transactions.

We never receive commissions or interest from the collection of funds or projects’ placement. All the money collected are assigned to payments for current requests within separate projects exclusively.

The Fund possesses all necessary constituent documents and guarantees unconditional legitimacy of actions and complete financial accountability. The requisites and documentation confirming the non-profit status of the Blahochestia Charity Fund can be downloaded here.