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The army of volunteers

The Ukrainian army volunteers already called phenomenon. After a sudden attack of an aggressor Ukrainians were quickly consolidated into a powerful and dynamic volunteer movement , which often works faster than the Ukrainian government and the Ministry of Defense. The war in the east came to every home . Our sons, fathers, husbands and friends went to defend their homeland and every day risk their lives for us. Ordinary Ukrainians pay their last piece of bread and the last warm clothes, to feed and attire Ukrainian soldier. It’s hard to believe, but Ukraine has been is in such a poor financial position that the Defense Department is unable to provide the necessities of defenders. Officially they did not say this, but every day we are dealing with warlords and firsthand knowledge of their needs.

The army of volunteers it’s not just people who collect the money that every Ukrainian who gives the last warm winter jacket , it is an old woman who knits warm socks and mittens, this mother of many children , who finds time to cook preserves. it all goes to the soldiers at the front , fall into the hands unfortunate compatriots who fell a heavy share of living in the occupied territory.

To be a volunteer in Ukraine means to have a special state of mind. It is compassion , the ability to orient and focus quickly in difficult situations. Our volunteers can get even the feather of firebird , if the soldiers ask them about it . However, the financial possibilities of the Ukrainians are not limitless. Now the situation is critical, people feel a catastrophic shortage of money and this war is exhausting the economy even more. That’s why we ask for military support for Ukraine.

We ask every possible assistance from indifferent person. The war between Ukraine and Russia is not a civil war, as the aggressor wishes to present it, this is a predatory military operation of a country that cherished its imperial ambitions for decades.

The army of volunteers daily risks their lives to give the defenders of the homeland everything they need. Unfortunately, funds are not sufficient for modern expensive weapons. That’s why we appeal to those who are willing and are able to help. On our site you will find our bank account details where you can send all possible financial aid.

If Ukraine will not be able to stop the aggressor, it is likely that it will go on. The Russian Federation has already tried to seize Georgia, now it sells its nefarious scheme in Ukraine. The next victim can be .. your home country.

Our army volunteers delivers food to the occupied territories, where the infirm elderly stayed. Often they are sick and non-transportable as well as those that can no longer walk. Many of them have already died of starvation. It is simply impossible to believe, but in a large European country about a hundred elderly people have already died of hunger because of the gang of terrorists.

Russia is undoubtedly a powerful enemy. It is a rich country that is not used to count its fallen soldiers. It has a large army and advanced equipment. Ukraine cannot oppose it with the same weapons, but we will surely win. Our army volunteers do not give up and look for all the new features and cash. We invite you to join us in the fight for truth, democracy and good.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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