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Donate money to Ukraine

Ukrainians never attacked its neighbors, they never had imperial ambitions. Throughout their history, they were forced to defend themselves against the encroachments of other nations, suffer from their aggressive plans. Freedom became the highest value for Ukrainians and now they must protect their desire to live in a free country again.

Ukraine run into danger and is defenseless against the aggressor , and so we have to ask everyone who cares to donate money to Ukraine.

Russia pretended to be friendly and even fraternal country for many years but actually was preparing a plan for the occupation of Ukraine. The annexation of the Crimea was the first step. In those days, after fleeing the former president and his associates to Russia , Ukraine found itself plundering, state treasury was empty and the army was almost destroyed by internal enemies.

A part of the military in the top echelons of government authorities were traitors and Ukraine failed to keep up with the annexation of the peninsula. When Russia attacked eastern Ukraine, all its plans became clear and now we are on the verge of a third world war, but donation to Ukraine can stop this terrible tragedy.
It is very sad and scary when the state is not able to provide its defenders the most necessary uniforms and weapons. War knocked on every door and went into the house of every Ukrainian, that’s why the volunteer movement in Ukraine is so strong. There aren’t indifferent people, and everyone endeavor to help all they can.

The ordinary people in this large but poor country pay their last to help soldiers at the front. Ukrainians prepare preserves and army field ration, they buy clothes for their soldiers and even repair military equipment and vehicles. Of course, the government appropriate funds, but corruption is still there , and most of these huge amounts of money disappear in the pockets of internal enemies. Ukrainian society is left alone with the enemy. The financial opportunities of Ukrainians are coming to the end, because of the economic, political crisis and problems at the international arena so we ask to donate money to Ukraine.

Russian army in many ways superior to Ukrainian. Russia is a rich country with modern weapons and thousands of army. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is just beginning to revive from destruction and military assistance to Ukraine from foreign countries could really help her in it.

We thank the European Union and the United States for economic and political sanctions that rocked the economic situation in the Russian Federation , but their impact requires a long time , ivoyna in eastern Ukraine passes here and now.

We ask you to donate money to Ukraine to win this infamous bloody war of democracy against the imperial ambitions of the Russian president. Every penny of your donation will go to the needs of Ukrainian soldier. Together we will defeat the enemy and defend democratic values, freedom of choice and the right of a sovereign nation to choose its own vector of development.


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