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Donate to Ukraine army

Ukraine is now going through hard times. influential and non-poor, well- armed neighboring state with a tyrannical power invaded the territory of a sovereign Ukraine, but it is able to fight back.

Donate to Ukraine can help this beautiful country to withstand the unexpected trouble. After years of disarmament and plunder by the internal enemies of the country Ukrainian army requires not only domestic but international support. Military actions take away lives of the best sons of Ukraine, but we all can help the to survive, to stay strong in this difficult times.

Our volunteers buy warm uniforms for our defenders, shoes, thermal underwear – everything, what they need at this moment. We are constantly in touch with the warlords and know the needs of our soldiers. Every penny that you have sent to the account of our foundation, go to the destination, because to win the war is not just your desire, but our goal.

Donate to Ukraine can save lives and destinies. Ukrainians never wanted someone else’s land, and now they must stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for his country, to learn to fight to keep their children what our ancestors left the momentum land and freedom. The nation has been consolidated, everybody do his best to help, but the forces are not equal. Our enemy is well armed and rich country with imperial ambitions.

Every day they throw new forces into the battle. And what can oppose Ukraine ? The old Soviet weapons, which was gathering dust in warehouses for many years? Ukrainian people opposed to the enemy only the power of the spirit and the work of volunteers.

Charity in Ukraine is the only hope. Almost everyone in this country has become part of a huge volunteer movement. people bring food, warm clothes, together buy expensive technical equipment, soldier equipment. everyone helps best of their ability. The trouble is that the resources of ordinary Ukrainians coming to an end, and no one else to help them. The international community must support this country, those persistent people who are so fond of their independence. It is scary to think that we are within an inch of a third world war, and this is not a joke.

Donate to Ukraine army, protect your future. Anyone who cares what happens to Ukraine, who do cares about the future of the European Union and the world as a whole, should contribute to Ukraine’s victory over the enemy. Your every dollar and even cent become your investment in a happy and peaceful future for your children and yourself. We just want you to think about what would happen if there wasn’t Ukraine to stop the enemy. Perhaps in this case it could be your country. In this case you would require help. Maybe instead of Ukrainian soldiers it could be you, your child, your father or husband.

Donate to Ukraine army does not require a lot from you. Next time you’ll spend your dollar hamburger, think that this hamburger is equal to the life of Ukrainian soldier. Together we can defeat evil and show the world that unity for good purposes always work. Good always triumphs over evil. The arrogance and disregard of international law, which violates international order, should lead to liability. We all need to work together, and the first step towards victory can be Donation to Ukraine army.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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