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How to donate to Ukraine

The daily news from the east of Ukraine led many to ask themselves how to donate to Ukraine. The large sovereign country in Eastern Europe suddenly found to be at war with those who are considered brothers. Russia urged her on friendly terms for many years, but in fact cherished plans and dreams on the resumption of the Russian Empire. It attacked Chechnya and tried to seize Georgia , but now the European Union and the United States paid attention to the devastation and the problems that brought The Russian Federation controlled by tyrant.

The previous president of Ukraine in Russia fled ignominiously turned out that all these years he played up to the Kremlin. The state treasury was looted , gold reserves of the country have disappeared and the army is in poor condition. While new Ukrainian government comes to life , the Ukrainian society quickly merged into a strong volunteer movement . War with Russia, which for some reason is called an anti- terrorist operation , has come in every Ukrainian home.

Our fathers, sons , husbands , friends and relatives are trying to stop the evil bear. Every one of them risks his life every second in the east of Ukraine to the rest of the country was at peace. They are fighting not only for peace in Ukraine, they are defending democratic values of Europe and America . Ukraine also wanted to live with these values . It wanted to choose a vector of development itself, it wanted to have the freedom of choice and a decent life, but is not profitable for Russia, and it wanted to drown Ukraine into the blood.

Many foreigners sympathize trouble Ukrainians and ask how to donate to Ukraine. Our volunteer movement organizes help for soldiers, trying to provide them with the most necessary things, clothes and even weapons. Every day we deal with warlords and know about the situation at the front and providing soldiers firsthand. Unfortunately, Ukrainian army volunteers often works faster than the Department of Defense, because we still have many internal enemies.

The strong rich state with powerful weapons and large army is fighting against us, but even so we are winning because our soldiers are defending their homeland , their freedom, their mothers, women and children. They think about the future of their children , dream about life in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, our possibilities are not unlimited , so we ask to donate to Ukraine as many as you can. Every cent you donate to our organization can save lives of our soldiers , and thus bring our and your victory soon.

Unfortunately, we see that Russia is not going to back down. We are grateful to the European Union and the United States for sanctions against Russia , but we still need the modern military equipment here and now. For those who are interested how to donate to Ukraine, there are details and bank account on our website where everyone who understand that it is our common cause , may send cash. We do not require large amounts and will be happy to even a few dollars or euros. Each of them to the penny will go to the needs of our soldiers.


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License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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