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Donations to Ukraine

This year in Ukraine is not easy. After Maidan, escape the previous government from the country, economic collapse, this beautiful country vile attacked by the neighboring state. The political misunderstanding appeared as well-planned operation of Russia, and now Ukraine must go on the defensive and requires to help ukrainian army.

Common problem consolidated Ukrainians and they try to do their best. The government allocates money for the army, but it is mere pennies compared with those allocated to the arms of the aggressor by its government. As a result we have not very cheerful picture: Russian daily allocate huge amounts of money on weapons while Ukraine pinned all hopes are on the people and volunteers . But how long will it last?

Despite the change of government in Ukraine there are a lot of old problems and some of them are the internal enemies who have been destroyed the Ukrainian army for many years and prevent it to reset.

Now all of us ask donations to Ukraine. We know that the only way we can beat the cunning enemy. US and European Union have imposed sanctions and they are already bearing fruit, but economic situation brings the country into default with every day, and now the Ukrainians can not afford to buy uniforms abroad, they simply have no money.

Ukraine was not the first country Russia threatened this way, but the first that gave significant resistance, and despite the unequal forces, still staunchly protects its independence.

Every penny of donations to Ukraine will go to the most necessary things for our soldiers. Our volunteers communicate directly with the warlords and get first-hand information about the necessary things. In a situation where no government nor the common people also can not afford to buy things and techniques for foreign currency, we appeal to all, who do care . We are on the verge of a terrible war. We are all at risk, not only in Ukraine, but also the countries of the European Union . It turns out that the first protector of European values and democratic freedoms was Ukraine.

The donations to Ukraine need not be large. Anyone can help even with one cent.

While you enjoy a peaceful life somewhere nearb, in the center of Europe aggressor killing people just because they did not want to obey the laws of the primitive, because they chose the European vector and the right to choose where to go. When you go to fast food restaurant, think about that your hamburger price equal to the price of human life. You can save several lives if you will sacrifice our charity. Who knows, maybe the aggressor does not go further and your country will always be the world. To donate to Ukrainian army is not difficult, the main thing is to want to help.

Each time watching terrible news about the situation in Ukraine, you don’t even realize what it’s like to live in a country which attacked by the nearest neighbor .The aggressor wanted to destroy us and we must do to survive and to keep the peace in Europe. We hope that our words will convince you of the importance of donation in the Ukrainian army.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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