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Help the Ukrainian army

At  such a disturbing time for Ukraine, it is particularly important to understand the need to preserve the unity of the state. A few months ago, no one could even imagine a military invasion from Russia. This is our reality, not some terrible forecasts from analysts. Now we are faced with a serious threat to our statehood and have to defend the motherland. Everyone can make a contribution to this and help the Ukrainian army in making it strong and capable.

Sometimes we think that we can’t significantly help the native army, because we have limited resources and they are being used up more and more. But in reality it is not so. It is thanks to the unity of the people in their small donations there is the possibility of acquiring material things for the soldiers. If you worry that you can not buy the body armor or helmet? But if a few dozen people donate 100 hryvnias, one fighter will be well equipped.

And if people come together for even greater projects help the army, they are able to acquire thermal imagers, expensive equipment and even drones. That’s why those who want to help the Ukrainian army have not to be doubted that this aid will be negligible. Every penny donated to the army, has a value in the current situation.

Very often people worry about whether their donation reaches its destination. It is better to cooperate with reliable volunteer organizations that provide reports of their activities. Of course, for those who do can get to a certain fighter helmet or body armor, such questions are not always relevant. However, for people who limit themselves to their own needs and send fighters their last 50 hryvnia, this question is extremely important. You can be sure that your money really went to the acquisition of important things for fighters if volunteers have the sufficient information and do not avoid reporting acquisitions.

If you want to help the Ukrainian army and want to make sure of our reliability, you can see all the important information about us on our website. In its various sections, you can find answers to your questions.

It is important to note that on our web-site you can see information about all the teams that we help. This will give an opportunity to understand their needs, familiarize yourself with the amount of money already collected for each of them. This form of activity allows us to maintain a living relationship with donors who want to know where their money goes.

If you still don’t know what help the Ukrainian army needs, cooperate with our volunteers and they will answer this question and help you not to worry about whether the men received help.

Ukrainians life has changed a lot over the last year . The country’s economy is exhausted , and the question to donate for Ukraine or not literally mean millions of lives saved.

Any possible assistance to the Ukrainian people or the army of this country is an investment into the peaceful future of our and your children. The aggressor must be stopped, otherwise the whole of Europe will be in flames.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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