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Help Ukraine army

We live in a time when world history is going on before our eyes and our participation or apathy may affect its course.

Ukraine found itself in a quandary. The former president after the country shamefully left, it appears that all the years of his reign, he had just robbed the country. The Russian Federation, the northern neighbor of Ukraine cowardly stabbed in the back. Russia so beautifully told about the friendship of the peoples but their words were not worth a penny. And now we ask to help Ukraine army.

After the annexation of the Crimea and Russia attacks in eastern Ukraine , the country’s inhabitants have understood that they can rely only on themselves. Ukrainians were united into voluntary movement and began to help those who went to defend their homeland . the war knocked almost every Ukrainian home.

Our fathers, children, brothers and friends now fighting in the east of the country against the evil aggressor, but the trouble the financial position of the majority of the population of Ukraine is extremely poor and resources of Ukrainians come to an end. Despite the economic and political sanctions entered by Europe and America, it seems that the Russian Federation is not going to back down, that’s why we must look for different others sources to help Ukrainian army.

The aggressor was preparing the attack on the neighboring countries for a long time . It was captured Chechnya and attempted to occupy Georgia. Russia is mired in corruption and tyranny, and does not want to see beside her the successful and wealthy neighbors. It seems that this country would better carry chaos, murder and death, than try to become a modern democratic state. Ukraine became just another purpose of aggressor’s villainous intentions, but the truth is on our side and we will surely win.

Today we all need to stick together, and the rich neighboring countries have to help Ukrainian army. We do not ask much and want to remind all those who believe that it is not their war, that this is the case when indifference kills. If Ukraine loses, the next victim could be your home country. Is not it better to help volunteers Ukraine feasibly and stop the high-handed aggressor?

The Ministry of Defence and the government are doing everything in their power to fight corruption and improve the financial situation of the country, but there are still a lot of internal enemies in the government, who plays into the hands of the occupier. Our volunteer organization communicates with warlords daily and knows how things are with providing soldiers. Every day caring people send us clothes, food and money, every penny of which goes to the essentials, but in addition to clothing, our soldiers need modern military equipment, which is very expensive.

We ask you to help Ukraine army feasibly. Every dollar can save lives of our soldiers and means the end of the war and peaceful happy life of our children. Your financial help can influence the course of the war and to prevent the collision of developed countries of the world with a nuclear state , run by a crazy tyrant.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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