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How to help ukrainian army

It was a difficult year for Ukraine. The change of administration of the country should become a point of reference to a better life, but the northern neighbor thought otherwise. The attack on the Crimea, its capture, attempts of Russia to lie around the world have made the relationship Ukraine and Russia are very sharp. As a result, now we are on the brink of the terrible World War III.

In this case, the war touches everyone, and the best way to avoid this is to offer military help for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army was plundered by internal enemies and previous government, so now it is in the dire straits will not turn down any help. Ukrainians need every thing from the medicine and modern weapons. if you do not know how to help ukrainian army, you can just send the money to the account of our volunteer organization.

The war in the east began suddenly , and let her call the anti-terrorist operation , in fact, this is a real , terrible, ugly war . This war began the country , which has been called itself a friendly and even fraternal for long time, but in fact its leadership was building their imperial plans . Now every day the young men of Ukraine risk their lives to save the peace on the rest of the country and not to allow the occupier inland.

Don’t ask how to help ukrainian army, just do it. The previous government , which shamefully fled the country left only multibillion-dollar debt and ruin. Today we do not have enough money to buy expensive military equipment or modern weapons.

Russia has invaded Chechnya and Georgia , but only when she attacked the Crimea and the east of the large sovereign state in Eastern Europe the leaders of our world drew attention to the destruction and the problems that Russia brought.

If the aggressor will attack the Ukraine and win the fight , it will mean the end of Europe and the democratic values that it promotes . Russia is a tyrant . The tyrant with a lot of money and a large army with modern weapons . It is an unequal fight for Ukraine, that’s why we have to ask to help ukrainian army.

We are fighting not only for Ukraine , the battle goes for democracy, for freedom of choice, for a world without dictatorship.

Together we can win this battle between good and ugly international evil. We must show that nowadays it is impossible to forget about international laws and boundaries of sovereign states. The insolent violators of international conventions must be punished. Each country has the right to choose a vector of development, and only its own people defines it, but not another neighboring states.

We know, how to help ukrainian army. Every dollar you donate Ukrainian army brings our total victory. We live in a time when you cannot stay away from the global event. Remember that your indifference kills. And it kills not only Ukrainian brave men who guard the border of their proud country, this indifference also brings a danger to yourself.

Everyone should understand that we can win this war, but we need to consolidate the world as well as the Ukrainian people unite against the terrible enemy.


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License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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