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How can I help Ukraine

Ukrainians did not call the war in the house, she suddenly came to him as a stray hail, bombed the house of their brothers, sisters, parents, children, took their shelter, food, and some lost their lives.

Every day we see the terrible news about events in Ukraine and how bravely fighting the people for democratic values and their own freedom, and each of us asks himself the question how can I help Ukraine.

Two-faced neighbor country for many years pretended friend and brother, but instead of helping stab in the back . Ukraine is in a difficult financial situation and needs help. The army of Ukraine was destroyed by internal enemies and its weapons are not at its best. Ukrainian people were consolidated and began to help his own sons buyout protect their land, but this is not enough . They can feed and dress soldiers take care of their nourishment, but the army requires too much and people can not give them everything they need.

Volunteers in Ukraine do sometimes more than the country’s government. Government allocates funds, but corruption is not eradicated, and part of the money simply does not reach the goal. so people have more confidence in charities.

Volunteers in Ukraine are not just people who collect money and accumulate their military assistance, delivering it to the flashpoints of the country. This is an old woman who knit out her own old sweater to knit warm socks for soldiers . This is the schoolboy, that saved money for the console and give everything to the penny, wishing his country was in peace. These are students who weave camouflage nets after steam until late at night to their soldiers and their tanks were intact. Volunteers in Ukraine is the country’s entire people.

Don’t ask yourself how can I help Ukraine, just do this. Every dollar that you sacrifice this beautiful country that turns out in distress, bring her victory over injustice and give a chance for a happy peaceful life. This is the case, when ignoring the problem can create even more.

The enemy of Ukraine has been plotting their nefarious plans for long, and they relate not only to this country. The integrity of the European Union is under threat, so that Ukraine stands for not only their land, it protects us all from the possible hazards..

To help Ukraine you can by sending money to the account of the volunteer organization. Every dollar and even penny will be useful. The money will be spent on equipment and weapons. There is no secret that the money allocated by the Government of Ukraine is not enough for a weapon. That’s why the charities are forced to ask for help from caring people.

Every dollar can save someone’s life, save the children’s father, the mother’s son. Together we will be able not only to stop the bloodshed and war, we can show that injustice and deceit will be punished and that the truth always wins. The Ukrainian people are asking everybody who care to help him in this difficult times. The time will come and we live peaceful and happy life again, but now we all need to make an effort.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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