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Military aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian people suffered a lot this year. After the change of government turned out that the financial situation is critical, the state treasury looted, and the army is virtually absent. No one could not imagine that at this time the nearest neighboring state of a blow to the back and wish to expand their territories at the expense of Ukraine.

We were not able to adequately respond to the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, but when the enemy came to the war on the mainland, we did not have time to wait. Many countries have responded to our misfortune and suggested military aid to Ukraine.

We welcome every assistance in whatever form it did not come. The outbreak of war, the Ukrainians began to organize large and small volunteer movement. in large metropolitan areas and small villages all great and small to help our soldiers . Nobody remained indifferent to the fate of our defenders. War touched everyone. Our fathers and sons, husbands and friends every day risking their lives to defend the freedom of their country.

Every day people come to our voluntary organizations with a single question: how to support Ukraine?

The Ministry of Defense and the government are looking for a way out of the critical financial situation, but the war is here and now, and people are dying there every day . We cannot wait for the situation in the country to improve, we must act now. We appeal to anyone who is willing and able to help us. Your military aid to Ukraine will speed up our victory over the enemy.

Every day we deal with warlords and know firsthand how things are this or that company of soldiers. As it happened that ordinary people committed to providing soldiers with food and clothing. We buy them uniforms, flak jackets, thermal imagers and so on. Of course, we can’t afford everything.

We cannot afford to buy expensive military equipment or automobiles. We would like to have our army were modern military aircraft, but so far this is impossible.

The enemy came to our land well prepared. Russia has spared no money on weapons and modern weapons. Its soldiers are well equipped and have the latest military weapons. Ukraine has only a strong desire to win this war, and for this we need military aid to Ukraine.

If we do not stop Russia today and lose, it threatens all the terrible and protracted war. Russian Federation oud tried to conquer Georgia, now it is at war with Ukraine. Who’s next? Maybe the next victim of the aggressor will be your homeland? Is not it better now consolidated and repel the common enemy. We need to point Russia its place, to explain intelligibly that it is categorically impossible in our century to annex the territories of foreign independent sovereign state.

If you want to aid military of Ukraine, our bank accounts and details you can find on our site. We are grateful for each dollar, which will help save the lives of our soldiers. Your financial assistance to Ukraine ‘s your investment in a peaceful future of not only our country, but also yours. It is also a chance of our country to become a full state of the European Union and to choose our future.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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