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Military assistance to Ukraine

Here come a time when all of us are not dumb eyewitnesses, but participants in world events and their development depend on us. Ukraine found itself in an unenviable position , and many countries now have to render military assistance to Ukraine. After the change of the previous government, Ukraine has got a chance to become a full-fledged European country with high economic development . But our northern neighbor, who is plagued by corruption and tyranny, did not want to be in front of the eyes of the successful “little brother». For this reason, Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, and that reason has pushed it to the annexation of the Crimea and the attempt to capture the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine this summer.

After the flight of President Yanukovych , the state treasury was empty and the critical financial situation . Ukraine appeal to the senior management of the United States and recalls memorandum of nuclear disarmament , and that Russia and the United States are obliged to protect the sovereignty of country, which gave a dangerous weapon. Two superpowers guaranteed external security, but to appeal to Russia was in vain.

When the war came into the house of the Ukrainians, they consolidated in a dynamic volunteer movement. Here and there they ask for rendering of military assistance to Ukraine. Even now, when the financial position of ordinary Ukrainians is very sad, they do not regret their own warm clothing but put it to a soldier; they give their last piece of bread to feed their counsel. The winter and bad weather further complicates the situation, because now it is necessary to find warm underwear and military transport that works in sub-zero temperatures and do not get bogged down in snowdrifts.

This war has touched almost everyone in Ukraine. Our fathers, brothers, husbands and children serve the country faithfully, every day they are at risk and may die. All Ukraine prays for their salvation, but prayer is not enough, we must also ask for rendering of military assistance to Ukraine. Unfortunately bureaucratic mechanism and internal enemies do not allow the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to work at full capacity.

The volunteer organizations not only deliver food, clothing and everything the soldiers need to hot spots, they also help not to starve the people who remained in the occupied territory and experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe . It’s hard to imagine, but about a hundred people in eastern Ukraine have already died from hunger. And it happens in a large European country! Terrorists do not hand over their positions, and volunteers as well as our soldiers are risking their lives every day.

Ukrainian diaspora around the world support their home country and also ask for military assist to Ukraine. They and we understand that war that is going on the east of Ukraine is not a civil war; it is the struggle for democratic values and freedom of choice. It is a struggle for a peaceful, dignified and happy life and a better future for our children.


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