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Military help for Ukraine

The big and terrible trouble came into Ukrainians home Nobody could even imagined that the neighboring country can attack so sneak and cunningly.

At this moment the most daring and patriotic people defend their homeland from the enemy, but as it turned out, there are many problems in Ukraine except war . the economic situation in the country thieved by the previous government is terrible, that’s why we ask the military help for Ukraine.

Not only external but also internal enemies wanted to destroy Ukrainian army, so now the most courageous and brave sons of Ukraine must defend their homeland with old weapon that many years gathering dust on military bases and warehouses. The attacking side is very strong. It has power, money, have modern weapons and imperial habits . However, Ukrainian guys are on their land and the truth is on their side, they are going to fight to the last drop of blood and to the last breath.

We understand that if we want to win this war, we have to ask the military help for Ukraine. After Maidan, escaping the previous government and the annexation of the Crimea, people managed to pull themselves together and consolidated. People realized that we still have internal enemies and some of them still influence events in the country . The only hope we have for volunteers and people who care.

Volunteers and ordinary people buy clothes for soldiers prepare and transmit to the front food, give their last warm clothes to warm their defenders in the frosty winter days. Ukrainians buy military uniforms, some weapons – everything that can afford to buy on their meager wage is and pensions.

Unfortunately the economic situation in Ukraine does not go for the better because the only hope of victory lay down on donations to Ukraine. Every dollar, euro, cent is an investment in peace and salvation of the whole nation, European state in which people are so highly valued the freedom that do not spare their lives for the sake of it.

Due to the economic crisis of the welfare of Ukrainians is getting worse. They still give the clothing and the food to the front and to the occupied towns and villages, but now they can’t buy some expensive weapon in currency. That’s why Ukraine hopes for international understanding and support, including financial help.

After Russia violated the memorandum, signed in 1994, Europe and America are obliged to defend Ukraine against an aggressor and to give her military help for Ukraine. we need modern equipment, weapons, military uniform and accessories, which can save lives of soldiers and to facilitate their difficult everyday life at the front.

We already know that the aggressor country plans were far-reaching . Several neighboring countries already affected by ambition and aggressive plans of Russia, but aggressor miscalculated with Ukraine, and his sins could not be overlooked. It turns out that Ukraine has become not just a bone in the throat of the attacked country, now it protects the entire European Union from attacks. It’s enough to Europeans began to help Ukraine by military aid.


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License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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