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The military support for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine began suddenly. We do not have such invaders and never have been them; on the contrary we are the defenders of our country. No one could ever imagine that one day we will have to fight with the nearest neighbor and ask the military support for Ukraine. Russian Federation thoroughly prepare for an attack on our country . she spent and now allocates billions of dollars on military equipment and cutting edge technology. it has armed its large army and does not consider the life of the dead soldiers . we can not so dispose of human life. We treat every soldier who protects us from the enemy as a brother , father and friend . We grieve with the family of each victim and realize that lost a breadwinner means a large number of brokenness destinies.

The military support for Ukraine is just need to win our and your enemy. If people in other countries think that they do not regard the war in Ukraine, they are very wrong. If Russia manages to defeat and destroy Ukraine, the enemy will go on. It is destructive aggressor, this is a country that is mired in corruption and tyranny is insidious and vile enemy, and the war against it is unpredictable.

Russia has attacked Georgia; it is now at war with Ukraine. Who will be next? Maybe it will be your homeland ? You are ready to fight with the government , which owns nuclear weapons and has insane tyrant president . Russia will not stop until you satisfy its imperial ambitions. Is not it better to unite all the face of the enemy and to repel him?

Ukraine volunteer battalions are doing everything in his power . large and small volunteer organizations exist and are active throughout the whole of Ukraine . in large metropolitan areas and small villages people cats preserves, buy and sew clothes , collect money for the bare necessities for their soldiers. War came in every Ukrainian home. Our brave fathers, children, brothers and friends every day and risk their lives to protect us from the enemy.

The bureaucratic mechanism, internal enemies and corruption still exist in the higher echelons of power in Ukraine , that is a reason why ordinary Ukrainians were forced to take over the supply of their soldiers with food, clothing and uniforms . Of course, we cannot buy everything our soldiers need. The military uniforms and weapons are very expensive and therefore we appeal to the people of other countries to give support for the military of Ukraine.

We do not ask for much, just possible assistance. Your every dollar and even September can save lives of our brave defenders . If people in other countries think that our war is not touch them , they are mistaken . We have never been able to think that the Russian Federation was planning to attack us , but it happened. if Ukraine will lose the enemy , then the next victim of the aggressor may be your country . Is not it better now and give her a rebuff to show that violate the borders of a sovereign state in the 21st century is simply unacceptable.

Support for the military of Ukraine, make investments into peaceful and happy future of our and your children.


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