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Money for Ukraine

The war is a terrible thing. The war against the nearest country where every second person tied by blood to the inhabitants of your country have a doubly awful. No one ever in Ukraine could have predicted that one day; the Russian Federation so shamelessly and treacherously will attack us. No one ever imagined that you have to ask money for Ukraine to help our army to stand in the battle against the nearest neighbor.

After a dramatic change of government Ukrainians learned with horror that the state treasury is empty . At this moment Russia made her sneaky backstab, annexing the Crimean peninsula. When Russia took the mainland Ukraine became apparent that the peace agreement and diplomatic negotiations do not work, and war is inevitable.

Army of Ukraine was almost ruined during the presidency of Yanukovych and now it is just beginning to recover, but we do not have time to wait for the improvement of economic situation in the country, the war is here and now. The money for the Ukrainian army could help us a lot.

Due to corruption and internal enemies in the higher echelons of power in Ukraine, we were forced to independently take over the supply of soldiers the most necessary things . The ordinary Ukrainians buy and sew warm clothes for our defenders, buy and send to the front food, collect money to buy more valuable items such as body armor , thermal and other military ammunition.

The financial position of ordinary Ukrainians worse every day, and we have to turn to the indifferent residents of European countries and ask money for Ukraine.

The opinion that the war with Russia Ukraine does not apply to other countries there are erroneous. If you manage to defeat the aggressor Ukraine is following an occupied country can be yours. Do you want to know what it’s like to fight in a bloody battle against a huge army, which has nuclear weapons? We doubt that someone dreams about that. So let us come together and give a rebuff to the enemy. The donate to Ukraine can save our soldiers and bring our common victory.

We are not just fighting against the Russian Federation, we are fighting for the opportunity to separate independent nation to make a choice , for the right of a sovereign state to decide with whom to build a future.

Russia was well prepared for the attack. Its president has long dreamed of a resumption of the Russian empire, and now she will not stop at nothing to realize their nefarious plans of conquest. It turned out that Ukraine is on its way, and anyone who understands the political situation in the world understands that we are now on the verge of a third world war. This is the case when your indifference can cost millions of lives.

The money for the Ukrainian army will help us to buy expensive military equipment and defeat a common enemy. we must show Russia that violate international treaties and borders of a sovereign state in the 21st century is simply unacceptable. The arrogance and evil must be punished, the more that they have already taken thousands of lives and millions of crippled destinies.


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