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Single help to Ukraine

It is difficult to imagine that in our time the neighboring country can encroach on the territory and sovereignty of the neighboring country, but for Ukraine it became a reality. Russian Federation has taken advantage of heavy political and economic situation of western neighbor and stealthily attacked. As it turned out imperial ambitions haunted Russia for a long time, and it will gradually implement a plan to seize foreign territory.

Plundered and devastated, our proud country needs the money so international volunteer organizations have to ask money for Ukraine.

Every single help Ukraine could save the lives of Ukrainian military and bring our victory. It is without any qualms that the Russian army in many ways superior the Ukrainian. The large and rich country has modern weapons and a huge army. They do not spare money on aggressive plans and do not count the number of their dead soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the silly idea of their government.

Ukraine cherishes the life of each hero. They are our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and friends. To lose one of them is to lose a piece of Ukraine, and that’s why it is so important to us to make each of them returned home to his family healthy and alive.

Every single help Ukraine is our hope that evil will be defeated, and Ukraine will be able to independently determine their choice. The goal of Maidan was freedom of choice and democratic values . The former president nearly turned Ukraine into a totalitarian state, but people said their confidence “no” to it and Yanukovych fled the country in disgrace. As it turned out that for the years of his reign the state treasury became empty and the army was almost destroyed. Russia took the next step and annexed the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, and now considers it as its own property.

The Russian Federation disregarded all the international treaties and does not respect the borders of neighboring countries. The task of all the democratic countries is to show that it is unacceptable.

Every cent of single help Ukraine help us to save the lives of the best sons of Ukraine, who every day to protect our country and the democratic values of Europe. Russia has invaded Chechnya and tried to seize Georgia. It mired in dictatorship and humiliation of personality and does not want to see itself near a well-developed democratic state, because she. Ukrainians want a decent life, and are paying a high price for it at this time.

If Ukraine lose this battle, the Russian Federation will attack again, and then again and again . The next victim can be your country too. If we and you do not stop the aggressor now, it will not stop at nothing.

Ukrainian society quickly consolidated and built a powerful volunteer movement. The government is seeking a way out of the current economic crisis, but the war in the east of the country comes here and now, and our homeland defenders do not have time to wait for the improvement of economic situation in the country.

Unfortunately, the power and possibilities of Ukrainian volunteers and ordinary Ukrainians who help the army are not unlimited and coming to an end. So we are forced to turn to the inhabitants of neighboring countries and ask to help Ukraine.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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