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Support Ukraine army

In 1994 Ukraine refused to nuclear weapons, and two superstrates Russia and the United States guaranteed its security and territorial integrity. It was the key mistake of Ukraine and the launch of the evil plan enter the Russian Federation. Russia pretended to be friendly and even fraternal country for decades after the SU collapsed, but as soon as Ukraine has weakened, stabbed in the back. And now we ask to support Ukraine army.

Last year after the change of government it turned out that the state treasury emptied and financial situation is very grave. The Ukrainian army was methodically destroyed, and therefore, when the aggressor suddenly annexed the Crimea, robber country was not able to adequately respond to the invasion . When Russia began to attack the mainland of Ukraine, the brave sons of the country had no choice but to go and to defend their homeland from invaders.

The Ukrainian people united in a large and dynamic volunteer movement, which is already being called the phenomenon. The war, which for some reason called anti-terrorist operation, touched every Ukrainian. Someone’s father went to the front, someone’s son, there is no such person who remains indifferent to the trouble of its own people. The Volunteers pass food and clothing soldiers in hot spots.

The Ukrainian diaspora in the countries where they live now asked everyone who cares to donate money to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian volunteer movement spread around the world. Please do not leave us alone in this terrible disaster and provide financial support for our army. The russian aggression is our common problem, because all of us put on the brink of World War III . The aggressor has already tried to seize Georgia, now it is fighting against Ukraine, the next victim could be.. your homeland ?

If Ukraine loses, it seems that Russia is ready to fight with the whole world. The huge state with nuclear weapons and insane president can bring great trouble to all the countries of the world, and that’s why you should support Ukraine army and Russia ‘s aggression just need to be stopped.

The Ministry of Defense and the Government of Ukraine are looking for ways out of the critical financial situation. It is clear that the war in the east of the country only exacerbates the situation, but the resources of ordinary citizens who give the army their last penny coming to an end.

We invite all to share the responsibility for what is happening in our country and show the aggressor that in our time violation of international agreements and the borders of sovereign states are simply unacceptable .

If you do not support Ukrainian army, do not stop Russia in the east of Ukraine, it will advance their aggression on and find new victims. it is obvious that the Russian Federation did not want to see Ukraine as a strong independent country and it will go all the way to destroy us.

We urge you to feasibly help our country to escape from the clutches of the malicious tyrant and take part in the victory of good over evil. Every dollar that you give the volunteer organizations helps the defenders of our country and brings our total victory. Without your support Ukraine army it will be difficult to defeat the enemy.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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