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Ukraine charity organizations

Ukrainian volunteer movement and Ukraine charity has already called unique. The poor residents looted by the previous government of the country to pay their last shirt for those who went to the front to protect them from the enemy. Russia attacked suddenly. Nobody expected such a perfidious its northern neighbor country, which talked about the fraternal peoples and eternal friendship can stabbed knife in the back.

The state treasury was empty the army destroyed, and until a new government was seeking a livelihood, ordinary Ukrainians united into a huge number of large and small volunteer organizations. Only people helped to survive the soldiers in the first days of the war, and even now Ukraine charity organizations and caring people provides their defenders with everything they need.

Russia is undoubtedly a rich country. It has new powerful arms and nobody counts their dead soldiers there. Unlike it, Ukraine cherishes each of its sons, the fate of each of its defender and hero. We will not allow them to freeze or go hungry so from morning to evening without holidays and weekends volunteers collect, buy and deliver food, clothing and the essentials to hot spots.

The problem is that the ability of ordinary Ukrainians already on the wane, and Russia, in spite of the sanctions, is not going to back down. So Ukraine charity organizations have to ask foreign organizations and ordinary indifferent people for help. The war in the east of the country is not civil, it’s just a battle for the right to determine the vector of development of the country, it is the desire to live in a decent European country and give our children a better future.

If you ask yourself how I can help Ukraine, on our website you can see a bank account and details. We do not require much, we ask for possible assistance. Every day, our volunteers communicate with warlords and they report to them about the needs of soldier. Every cent you donate to Ukrainian charity organizations will go to the destination.

Unfortunately bureaucratic mechanism, corruption and internal enemies are still there in the higher echelons of Ukrainian power, and therefore ordinary Ukrainians do not rely on the state, and took supplies to the army in their hands. Volunteers often work much faster and more efficiently than Department of Defense. The single and the biggest challenge for all of us are the modern military weapons, which costs money. Ukrainians back to life an old military vehicle on their own, but this is not enough. We need the modern mobile medical equipment, military vehicles and weapons.

Ukrainian charity organizations cannot buy all this so we appeal to foreigners indifferent. Here, in Ukraine, we are not at war with Russia. We are trying to stop the aggressor, who has captured many foreign lands. If we lose, your home country will be threatened the next. So your beneficence can not only save the lives of our soldiers, but also hasten the victory of democratic values over tyranny and despotism.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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