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Ukraine: donate for army

No matter where you live, we all stand on the brink of World War III , and save us from it can only Ukraine donate. Ukraine has never been the aggressor, had no plans of conquest and imperial ambitions. In 1994, this country confided in two superpowers USA and Russia, and gave nuclear weapons, in return they guarantee the safety and security of the territory.

It was the fatal mistake and one of the reasons that now it is in a state of war and ask the single help to Ukraine.

Russia, the northern neighbor of Ukraine ceased to conceal their plans to renew, at least, the Soviet Union, and as a maximum the Russian empire. When Ukraine was looted thievish previous government in the country and there was a change of government, sneaky neighbor stuck a knife in the back.

The annexation of the Crimea was difficult to predict, and the Ukrainian army was destroyed by internal enemies who have played into the hands of the Kremlin. Therefore, Ukraine could not resist the cunning and far superior in number and armed enemies. Even now the country is in a very difficult situation and volunteers have to ask Ukraine donate.

All Ukrainian society voluntarily helps its defenders, at last, they do not hope for anyone else. This war has come almost every house, and there is no Ukrainian who didn’t see a relative or friend to the front.

We treat each of our soldiers as our father, husband, son or brother. Maybe it is the secret of Ukrainian volunteer’s maybe that is the reason why Ukrainians are ready to take off her shirt and give the last of its military.

The ordinary Ukrainians can do a lot for the soldiers. They buy uniforms, warm clothing and even some weapons, but they cannot afford to buy expensive military equipment. So the only way out is to ask donation for Ukraine.

Anyone who understands international politics, surely see that this war in the east of Ukraine isn’t civil, it is the struggle of Ukrainians against the occupation of the Russian regime. It is a battle of good and democratic values with the terrorists and their leader tyrant Putin.

The terrorist regime and the occupation of several towns and villages of Ukraine led to the fact that people there are hungry, and now in winter they feel cold too. The infrastructure of settlement is destroyed; the houses do not have windows, the constant bombing of the Russian army forced women with small children to live in cold wet basement. We have already known about a hundred deaths from starvation. It’s hard to believe that these terrible things happen here and now, in a large European country.

Our volunteers are risking their lives, but still do not stop needing to carry relief supplies and other donation to Ukrainian people.

Russia has cherished plans for the enslavement of neighboring countries for a long time, and if the whole world does not unite in front of the face of the common enemy , the next victim could be another European country. As it happens that Ukraine has become a bone in the throat of the northern neighbor , and it can choke on it , but we need your financial help.

Together we can show the aggressor its place and let it know that it is unacceptable in our time to violate international laws and borders of a sovereign state.

Ukraine donate is an investment into your happy peaceful European future.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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