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Ukraine: donations for army

Ukraine suffers from an aggressive neighbor to the east for over a year .All this time the ordinary Ukrainians and volunteer for Ukraine army looking for opportunities and funds to help their soldiers.

Russia came to our land unexpectedly. We could never see it even in a nightmare, that the neighboring country so treacherously can capture some of the sovereign state. Moreover, now it kills the best sons of our country only because they are Ukrainians speak their language and wish to see their country free and independent.

Thousands of young and brave guys from every corner of Ukraine defend their homeland and risking their lives.

Unfortunately, after the previous government, who fled the country in disgrace, we realized that they have been robbing us for many years. The treasury was empty, and the army almost destroyed by internal enemies. At this point the neighboring country meanly struck in the back.

From that day we ask for Ukraine donations, because it is difficult for them to survive in this war against the evil truth. From that day the whole Ukrainian nation cannot sleep, breathe, live normal life.

We learned that our neighbor pretended brother, but turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They struck mean, in the back. They captured part of the territory of the sovereign state of Ukraine Crimean Peninsula, and now are trying to capture and mainland. Every day they are killing our brothers and sisters, but tomorrow it could be your brothers and sisters.

We have to ask donations to Ukraine because our coffers are empty, and there is no money not only adopted, but also on equipment and even uniforms. Neighboring countries to help us as they can, but this is not enough. We have many internal enemies in the higher echelons of power, corruption is still here and that’s the reason why ordinary people engaged in the needs of its defenders. We constantly learn information from the front, and we know what needs our soldiers have been monitoring the situation with software and weapons.

Every penny of donations to Ukraine that we get from people who they take care goes to the needs of our soldiers. We do not forget about helping those who are in inhumane conditions in the occupied territory. People are trying to survive without electricity and heat. It’s scary, but we have to tell the world that in the twenty-first century in a European country people die of starvation. At this moment there are about one hundred cases a horrible death. Mostly they are the old people who cannot move or do not dare to leave their homes, died from hunger and cold. It seems impossible, but it’s true.

Anyone who gives Ukraine donations understands that Ukrainians are fighting to protect not only their country’s interests.

Together can we resist the aggressor country that does not respect international law and the borders of a sovereign state. Putin is not going to stop, economic sanctions are slow, but the Ukrainians are fighting right here and now . Please help us and make an investment in your peaceful happy future.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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