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Ukraine relief aid

Ukraine came into the dark times. The northern State treacherously attacked our country, and brought ruin and death.

Our brave soldiers every day risk their lives for the sake of their native land, and we are forced to ask Ukraine relief aid.

The previous government to plunder the country and it’s people, but when President Yanukovych has decided to take away our freedom Maidan has happened. The Russian Federation has planned to enslave our country for long time. It did not want to see Ukraine as a rich and happy country , so attacked us in difficult times. No one could ever imagine such a treacherous attack. We could not even imagine that the war with the closest neighbor is possible. Many Ukrainians are tied by kinship ties with the Russians, and this makes us feel worse. The new government is trying to find funds to improve the economic situation in the country and many volunteer organizations ask Ukraine relief aid, but the war takes the last of his strength.

The Russian Federation is well prepared to attack and the seizure of foreign lands. It spends billions of dollars on military and military -the-art equipment and technology; it has a large army and does not consider the lives of their dead soldiers. Ukraine, unlike Russia cherishes each of his defender. We understand that one of being lost life often means a lot of crippled destinies of mothers, wives, and children. Every loss we mourn soldier entire country and pray that this evil is passed every Ukrainian home.

Relief aid to Ukraine can reduce the number of wounded and dead soldiers in eastern Ukraine. As soon as the Russian army attacked the Ukrainians quickly joined in volunteer organizations. People working together and alone, but everyone is looking for an opportunity to help a brave defenders . The Voluntary movement now called the phenomenon. one day it will be studied as an example of the unity of the people who wants to escape from the clutches of the aggressor. Our people are doing everything that they can. They prepare preserves, buy or sew clothes, buy body armor and thermal imagers, and all that could save the lives of soldiers at the front.

Unfortunately, the possibility of ordinary Ukrainians are not limitless , and the financial situation of the country is getting worse every day , because we are forced to turn to the indifferent residents of neighboring states and to request to support Ukraine army.

Our army was destroyed by the internal enemies for many years and now it is just at the beginning of recover, but the funds are not even enough for clothing . It is noteworthy that the information of our volunteers and official information from the Ministry of Defense is very different. At the time they report that the situation with the soldiers resolved commanders tell us that the soldiers did not even have warm clothes. The internal enemies, corruption and bureaucracy hinder us solve problems with the supply of advocates at the state level quickly.

Ukraine’s population has long taken into their own hands to ensure the soldiers food and clothing. With the beginning of winter, the situation has worsened our soldiers, but morale is still high. Your feasible Relief aid to Ukraine will help us to quickly defeat the enemy.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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