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Ukraine volunteer army

Ukrainian volunteers for the army are a phenomenon that will be held up as an example of the unity of the Ukrainian people  years later.

The Russian Federation is a terrible aggressor, who suddenly attacked its western neighbor. No one could have ever foreseen this was even possible. For many centuries the Ukrainian and Russian people were connected and Ukraine and Russia are tied by blood now more than ever. And now Putin  has unleashed this fratricidal war. No this is not a war of Ukrainians against Ukrainians. It is a real military incursion into our territory by foreign troops. Nothing is sacred to them, they are killing Ukrainians for their love their country and fight for its integrity and freedom.

Ukraine volunteer army is doing everything it can, but strength is running out, for this reason we appeal to those who are both worried and ambivalent. It is no secret that Putin’s imperial ambitions are not limited to Ukraine. Russia has already tried to conquer Georgia, took control over Chechnya and many other nations. If Ukraine loses, Putin will go on and then the victim of occupation may become your home country.

Everyone should understand that the military actions that are taking place in the east of Ukraine now can touch everyone in the European Union. We are now on the border of a third world war and the Ukrainians are not only protecting their interests.

If after watching the six o’clock news you want to help our soldiers, we will tell you how to donate to Ukraine. All the details and bank accounts you can find on our home page. Every cent we spend on military uniforms and equipment for our soldiers. Every day our volunteer organization is in communication with the warlords and receives actual information about what is happening on the front lines. We know that some military equipment is not enough, and often it lacks a lot. We are not asking for much, just help from anyone who can possibly give it. When you buy the third hamburger or spend money on unnecessary trinkets, remember that you are holding in your hands the life of one or several Ukrainian soldiers, who is fighting in his country for yours too. We hope you understand that and help our Ukraine volunteer army.

The previous government robbed its people blind and fled , and now our people are living with one thought :who can help us get rid of malicious intruders? After the annexation of the Crimean peninsula Ukrainians organized into large and small volunteer centers, which work in every big city and small village now. People are united, because they understand they can rely only on themselves. The state treasury is empty , internal enemies are still in the top echelons of power, so ordinary Ukrainians and Ukrainian volunteer army organization claimed responsibility and guardianship of the army.

While you are reading this message, several Ukrainian soldiers or civilians could be killed. Our organization also helps those who remain on Russian occupied territory. Our volunteers are risking their lives every day to help these unfortunate people. They supply them with humanitarian aid , use secret routes and can be killed by the invaders at any second. Let’s prevent further bloodshed. Together we can stop this aggression.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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