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Ukraine volunteer battalions

Ukraine volunteer battalions is a real phenomenon. The sudden attack of the neighboring country is a disaster of every Ukrainian family. The brave men and women went to the front to defend the country from the enemy. There are fathers, sons , husbands , friends and relatives of every Ukrainian among them. We could not and cannot let them die so Ukrainian society united into the strong volunteer movement that will put as an example again and again someday.

Volunteers in Ukraine are not only the people who raise funds and acquire the necessary soldier uniforms. They are people who do not spare their last warm jacket to warm the soldier, people, who prepare and transmit the food to the front. It may be an old lady who knits warm socks and mittens for the soldiers, because for her pocket it’s too expensive to buy them. It may be a child who dreamed of the console, but has given all the pocket money to volunteers, because the peace in the country is more important to him.

Ukraine volunteer battalions don’t have the restrictions by age, social status, or other criteria. The state and the new government feasibly helps the army, but we still have a lot of internal enemies and the victory over corruption is still far, because society is left alone with the disaster. Ukrainians who live in other countries are also consolidated in the volunteer battalions and ask everyone who cares to donate to Ukraine.

Russia is a strong enemy. It is very aggressive and rich country with a powerful army, and without help Ukraine can lose this war. The Ukrainian army often has only a fighting spirit against the power and arrogance of invaders. Our army was looted by the previous government that listens to the Kremlin and was one of the links in the occupation process.

Ukraine volunteer battalions have no right to give up and leave their soldiers in trouble. We ask for help from all over the world. The financial situation in Ukraine is extremely heavy . The empty state treasury and internal enemies prevent us from winning . People pay their last warm clothes , the last piece of bread and the last penny to the front, but the possibilities of each of us are not unlimited. Unfortunately, it seems that Russia is not going to back down. Every day it spends fabulous money on the war , which for some reason called anti-terrorist operation . Every day the OSCE noted violations of international law by Russia , but it seems that aggressor lives in its own world.

The battalions of ukrainian voluntiers every day communicate with field commanders and know the needs of soldiers. Every penny goes to the essentials. Sometimes the government cannot provide the man who risks his life for it even high-quality warm clothes.

The volunteers in many areas are faster and better than the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. It is our problem, but we will win our internal enemies . In the meantime we ask your help in defeating the aggressor. Otherwise our war can become yours. If Ukraine does not stop Russia, the next victim could be your country. We must show Russia its place, to make it understand that in this age it is impossible to violate the border of the neighboring country so treacherously and implement imperial ambitions.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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