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Volunteer for Ukraine army

Ukraine is a large European country and now she was in a quandary. Russian Federation Ukraine’s northern neighbor attacked her abominably. No one ever would have thought that was possible. A country that spoke of brotherly peoples and friendship for many years. Stabbed in the back.

After the change of the government of Ukraine was plundered and its army was almost destroyed. But the war doesn’t expect, and it was necessary to help the brave, who first went to the front. The Society of Ukrainian consolidated in a large volunteer movement for Ukraine army. Now Ukrainian volunteers called phenomenon.

War touched every Ukrainian, his relatives or friends. Who knows, maybe this is the secret of Ukrainian volunteering.

Everybody joined to this movement. Despite of the dismal financial situation, everyone is doing everything in his power to help. While the government is looking for ways out of the country from the financial crisis, ordinary Ukrainians gave to the front their last piece of bread , the latest clothes and the last penny, and they wish the war could finish quickly. The country ravaged state coffers even more because of military operations in the east, and financial opportunities of Ukrainians come to an end. That is why we have to ask Ukraine donations from those who live in more affluent European countries.

The Russian Federation has cherished the hope to regain the glory of the empire for long time. It attacked other countries, was trying to conquer Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine now it’s time to fight back. Russia riddled with corruption and tyranny of their president, its people is poor, and the government treats them like slaves. Russia is not accustomed to count their dead soldiers who died fighting for crazy ideas of their leader. Unlike Russia Ukraine roads each of its defenders and we empathize deeply mourn after each loss. Volunteer for Ukraine army help not only those who went to the front, but also the families of those who have lost their breadwinner, father, son, and husband.

We ask you for possible assistance because it will be difficult to cope with this disaster ourselves. The occupier has already annexed the Crimean peninsula , and if Ukraine does not stop the Russian Federation to the east of country now, the next victim of the dictator could be your native land. Now there is not a war against Russia in Ukraine. Now there is a struggle for democratic values and the ability to remain a sovereign country.

Volunteer for Ukraine army buy the most necessary for the soldiers. Unfortunately, our volunteers are much faster than the Department of Defense, where there are still internal enemies, corruption and bureaucratic mechanism. Every day we communicate with warlords who tell us about the needs of the soldiers. We try to give them everything they need, but we cannot buy expensive modern military equipment.

The Russian Federation does not spend money on weapons and now it is clear why. But compared with the aggressor, we have nothing. The economic sanctions already tamed ardour of Russian military ardor, but it does not seem that it recedes. The war in the east of Ukraine goes here and now, and we cannot lose the best guys waiting for Ukraine to improve the financial situation of the country. So Volunteer for Ukraine army ask for help of all those who can help us in this difficult situation. The bank account and details can be found on our website.


Ukraine’s crowdfunding platform

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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