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Volunteer in Ukraine

The volunteer movement in Ukraine has called the phenomenon. One day it will no doubt be studied as an example of the unity of the people.

After the annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the attack on the continental part of Ukraine, it became clear that diplomatic negotiations with the occupier will not work, and war is not inevitably.

The problem is that after the flight of former President Yanukovych state treasury was looted and the financial position of the country was just awful.

We did not expect that a large and rich country, which has always pretended to be brotherly and friendly, suddenly will attack us.

The internal enemies of the state and bureaucracy made ordinary Ukrainians to unite in a powerful volunteer movement in Ukraine and help our soldiers. The ordinary Ukrainians buy and send to the front food, clothing and even military equipment. Everything that we buy ourselves or going to volunteer centers.

Unfortunately, our volunteers often works faster and better than the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine . Every day we communicate with warlords and monitoring the needs of our soldiers. We do our best to meet their requests , because we know that it affects them and our life and freedom.

Volunteer in Ukraine every day are risking their lives to bring food and clothing to the forefront . The same happened to the enemy-occupied territory. The humanitarian disaster, which occurred due to the pro-Russian and Russian military terrorists hosted on our land, has caused hundreds of deaths from starvation. Ill elderly people and those who were unable to leave their homes were left without food. It is hard to believe, but in the 21st century in a large European country, people are dying of hunger.

We cannot leave our fellow citizens die. There are a lot of small children among those who remained in the occupied territories. They are hiding in cold wet basements from bombs, along with their mothers. Volunteer in Ukraine carry food and basic necessities to the hot spots to prevent the death of their fellow citizens.

Military aid to Ukraine can help us to confront our common enemy and defeat it . We are not asking for much. Feasible help you to save the lives of our soldiers and to win this terrible war.

The opinion that the war of Russian Federation applies only Ukraine is very wrong. If the aggressor wins Ukraine, the next victim could be another European country. Are you ready to confront aggressive huge country with nuclear weapons? The most likely, you do not. So let’s unite and act together against Russia. Your indifference can cause the death of millions of people, and every dollar that you donate to our volunteer organization goes into service of our brave boys. Now they are fighting in the east of Ukraine for our freedom and yours.

We must show Russia that in the 21st century to break borders of a sovereign state and treacherously to violate every conceivable international treaty. Such arrogance and terrible aggressive attitude should be punished at the highest level.


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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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