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Volunteers in Ukraine

War has broken into every Ukrainian house. Nobody thought that in our time barbaric attack on a neighboring country and the physical redistribution of boundaries that arising from international agreements can happen.

Robbed by the previous government Ukraine remained alone with the economic and political problems. Ukrainian people were consolidated and created a whole new volunteer Ukraine service which can safely be called a phenomenon. All Ukrainians seek help their army and their countrymen in trouble. Everyone wants to hel, to do their best. People cook and transmit the food to the front line, they give their last warm clothing to the soldiers, they raise money for modern clothing and equipment that will save lives of the most courageous sons of their country. Due to the deteriorating economic situation, the people of Ukraine can no longer buy equipment abroad.

If you think how to help ukrainian army, you can just send a certain amount of money that you think is reasonable and which can provide from its budget.

Fortunately, a lot of countries were able to respond and slightly loosen the grip of the enemy, but his death is still far away, and the forces of Ukrainians have already come to an end . Therefore, we appeal to those who care about their future and thinking about the future of their children. The possible assistance to the Ukrainian people can be quite small for you, but it is very important for Ukraine’s victory over the invaders.

Volunteers in Ukraine can be called everyone who somehow involved in a common cause . it may be an old lady who knits warm socks for soldiers, housewife who prepares canned food and send it to the front, the pupil who brought all his pocket money.

Of course, such people can not buy thermal imagers and other necessary equipment because for the budget of a separate family it is too expensive. So there are volunteer organizations that raise money to buy everything the soldiers need. They buy everything from underwear and to military vehicles.

Some of volunteers in Ukraine communicate directly with the warlords and learn firsthand the needs of soldiers. Everyone understands that for the general case and winning it is necessary.

However, Ukrainian volunteers also try to help people who are in the front line, and even manages to deliver humanitarian aid to the occupied territories. Every day volunteers risk their health and lives, and often a deadly bullet gets them. These brave men and altruistic women deserve the highest honors, but as long as there is a war it is early to talk about the awards.

The Ukrainian volunteers appeal to all who care about its future. We are on the verge of World War III, and it is far from joking . We also know that it will not start, if we end the war in Ukraine. So help this proud country to win this war., invest in a peaceful future for your children. Remember that only together we can boldly confront the aggressor and quickly end this war, and your every dollar, euro or cent brings our victory soon.


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License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


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