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Valkyrie 2.0

782 people donated
633 236 uah (15 262 USD)
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Updated 19.07.2024 at 16:30
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UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) save the lives of thousands of people and obtain valuable data, without which surveillance and weapon guidance are impossible. We received a request from the 79th Air Assault Brigade for 2 Ukrainian UAVs by the Warbirds manufacturer, which are urgently needed for operational aerial reconnaissance and counter-offensive operations. With your help we can fulfill this request in the shortest possible time, so we ask you to support this project.

Total cost: 600,000 hryvnias ($15874);

The number of UAVs: 2 UAVs.

Why Does the Ukrainian Military Need UAVs?

Ukrainian UAVs turned out to be indispensable military tools. They provide ample opportunities for surveillance, strike missions, and combat support. Thanks to their efficiency and maneuverability, they can respond quickly to threats and reduce losses among military personnel.

Peculiarities of Ukrainian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unlike quadcopters, which take off like a helicopter, UAVs take off like airplanes. Thanks to this, they can have more weight, which means they can drop heavy ammunition on the enemy's head. UAVs can cover long distances and move at a speed of 60 km/hour or more. Another advantage of these aircraft is that they can perform the mission without using GPS, which makes it impossible for the enemy to intercept the signal and determine the positions of the aircraft operators.

The manufacturer of UAVs ordered by the military is the Ukrainian company "Warbirds of Ukraine", known for the production of the unmanned complex VALK-1 ("Valkyrie"). The devices we will deliver are called GALKA and have the following features.

  • The UAV control channel is fully protected, and no GPS is required;

  • Flight is possible even in difficult weather conditions;

  • Fireproof and moisture resistant;

  • Prepare for the flight in 5-15 minutes;

  • You can master the control of the drone in a week, you need 2 operators to start it;

  • Take-off and landing are automatic, navigation is equipped with an autopilot system;

  • Flight duration is 2 hours, it can transmit video and TV signal 45 kilometers from the launch point.

These drones are already used in combat conditions and have full support from the manufacturer (maintenance and repair in case of damage), so they help the military to effectively destroy the enemy and conduct offensive operations.

We can help by donating and spreading this information among friends and colleagues. And for the world to know its heroes, we agreed with the military that they would write the names of the people and companies that donate the largest sums on UAVs’ wings. For each of us, this is an opportunity to personally take part in defeating the enemy.

Let the enemy know – we fight for Ukraine and will not give them peace either on Earth or in the sky!


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633 236 UAH (15 262 USD)
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