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People’s Field Hospital

559 people


348 907 UAH (14 608 USD)

of 348 907 UAH (14 607 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Project manager

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “CHARITABLE FOUNDATION BLAGOCHESTYA” Charitable organization state registration license №233 from 24.09.08 Project manager: Gleb Lisovskiy

Why is the project important?

It’s difficult to imagine military operations without a regular well-equiped field hospitals. Doctors from one of the military hospitals in the anti-terrorist opporation zone issued an appealed to our team. These courageous specialists treating wounded Ukrainian soldiers’ hope to receive some much needed hospital equipment and medication with our help. (See the list below).

Think of the number of soldiers whose lives can be saved just thanks to a laryngoscope or perfusion (syringe pump). How long can a person live without air? Not more than three minutes. But the fact is that those who can’t breathe after getting serious injuries can be revived with the help of a Breeze medical ventilation apparatus.

Project Manager Gleb Gleb Lisovskiy. Contact manager

What's the money raised for?

Military field hospital of military unit №0206 needs:

Intubation laryngoscope KAWE (2 units) — 4,000 UAH
Perfusion (syringe pump) BRAUN (3 units) — 30,000 UAH
Breeze medical ventilation apparatus (2 units) — 240,000 UAH
Bupivacaine 5 ml (100 ampules) — 800 UAH
Dyprofol 20 ml (40 ampules) — 4,000 UAH
Metrogyl (50 bottles) — 500 UAH (delivered to hospital)


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