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Military First Aid Kit

14 people


14 441 UAH (605 USD)

of 14 441 UAH (604 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Project manager

Why is the project important?

Our aim is to provide Ukrainian fighters in the ATO zone with 50,000 FIRST AID KITS.

The kits will be handed over to the the fighters only after they pass training by a coach of tactical medicine from IFAK UA. Today there are 300 trained coaches, ready to instruct fighters.

What’s the money raised for?


The first aid kit has been created by volunteers and activists in accordance with their four-months’ experience of medicine delivery to the frontline in conditions of war (like hemostatic means, tourniquets etc)

The kit will correspond to the standard of the individual first aid kits (IFAK — Improved First Aid Kit), used for military needs in the majority of NATO membership countries.

Project budget
Tourniquet CAT tourniquet (tourniquet) 50000 units14 350 000 UAH
Hemostatic QuikClot Combat Gauze or Celox Gauze (Rapid або Z-Fold) 50000 units29 250 000 UAH
Individual pack Israeli Bandage 650000 units3 350 000 UAH
Occlusive plaster HALO Chest Seal or FOX SEAL 50000 units9 100 000 UAH
Nasopharyngeal tube 28-32 fr with personal labricant50000 units1 650 000 UAH
needle from pneumothorax ARS for Needle Decompression (14 gauge x 3.25 in.) 50000 units5 850 000 UAH
Scissors Emergency Medical Shears (aka Trauma Sheers )50000 units1 000 000 UAH
Reinforced tape50000 units350 000 UAH
Plugging material (Special bandage) H&H PriMed Gauze (or analogue)50000 units3 350 000 UAH
Throw-away gloves (2 pairs)50000 units650 000 UAH
Marker 50000 units0 UAH
Pouch (within IFAK standards)50000 units6 000 000 UAH
Directory on the application of pre-medical help means in case of warfare (within 50000 units0 UAH
Total:   74 900 000.00 UAH

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