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Medical supplies for the army

339 people donated
2 106 450 uah (57 603 USD)
of 2 200 000 uah (60 160 USD)
95% raised
Updated 29.09.2023 at 6:00


What is it for?

The Ukrainian army is heroically resisting the Russian invasion. Our army is protecting the lives of all Ukrainians, as well as our statehood. In turn, we can also save the lives and health of Ukrainian soldiers. They need medicine and military first aid kits like never before.

This program will provide help to the following people:

  • Ukrainian defenders;

  • Doctors, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians who provide life-saving treatment to people affected by hostilities;

  • Volunteers.

What are we raising funds for?

Now we can buy medical supplies in Europe and deliver them to Ukraine to save the lives of our defenders at the front. First of all, they imply the following:

  • Anti-colds and vitamins;

  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents;

  • Antiparasitic drugs;

  • NATO first aid kits;

  • Mechanical hemostatic agents: turnstiles and tourniquets;

  • Hemostatic drugs.

Each set can save the lives of Ukrainian heroes. We will win! Glory to Ukraine!

  • 30January2023

    Бюджет проекту збільшений на 1 200 000 грн


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 2 106 450 UAH(57 603 USD)
Still needed 93 550 UAH(2 557 USD)
Spent 620 891 UAH(16 979 USD)
Balance 1 485 559 UAH(40 624 USD)
2 106 450 UAH (57 603 USD)
Settlement account 26003041701119
05/01/2314:46700 UAH 516780*88
05/01/2311:58100 UAH ******2388
30/12/2211:01200 UAH ******9185
30/12/2207:44561 UAH 516874*58
29/12/2220:56115 UAH ******1354
17/12/2201:49250 UAH 537492*70
16/12/2219:0150 UAH ******8363
12/12/2216:361 024 UAH 422155*60
06/12/2208:19200 UAH 516874*58
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 2 106 450.00 UAH (57 603 USD)
* LiqPay payment commission for Visa and MasterCard holders of all Ukrainian banks is 0%.
* Currency is converted automatically into Ukrainian hryvnias at the moment of transfer.

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620 891 UAH (16 979 USD)
Current project spending
04/12/2022Tactical first-aid kits and their additions30 160 725.00Report
04/12/2022Thermochemical heating pad50 2 450.00ReportReport
04/12/2022Tactical first-aid kits and their additions1 3 036.00Report
04/12/2022Thermochemical heating pad100 4 900.00Report
04/12/2022Tactical first-aid kits and their additions5 15 180.00Report
04/12/2022Tactical first-aid kits and their additions200 434 600.00Report
Total: 620 891.00 UAH (16 979 USD)