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Military KUNG

180 people donated
617 053 uah (15 257 USD)
of 615 963 uah (15 229 USD)
100% raised
Updated 12.06.2024 at 17:35
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Why is it important?

The undeclared war in eastern Ukraine has forced soldiers to live in trenches and blindages. On the battlefield, there is no provision for basic hygiene, not to mention for laundry.
Living in such close quarters and with the approach of the hot Ukrainian summer the stress and sweat generated in the heat of battle intensifies. Therefore, field laundries are really needed.

Where the money goes?

Like the winter, with the need to wear and attempt to keep clean multiple layers, summer brings a host of new challenges. Soldiers not only need the ability to wash their clothing regularly. To help the ATO fighters, the People’s Project is fund raising for field laundries. These laundries will be made out of old and decrepit KUNGs (military trailers). First prototypes of field laundries will be delivered to the 79th Air Mobile and Marine brigades.

How we plan to create military KUNG


KUNG based laundries
KUNG based laundries
paid 100%
8/8 un.
348 382 UAH
KUNG based shower units and materials for KUNGs
KUNG based shower units and materials for KUNGs
paid 100%
7/7 un.
58 480 UAH
Covers for vehicles
Covers for vehicles
paid 100%
31/31 un.
52 423 UAH
different types
Electric tools
Electric tools
paid 100%
8/8 un.
27 646 UAH
Household goods and supplies
Household goods and supplies
paid 100%
29/29 un.
104 915 UAH
paid 100%
4/4 un.
17 518 UAH
paid 100%
1/1 un.
6 600 UAH

Totally:   615 963.00 UAH


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 617 053 UAH(15 257 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 615 960 UAH(15 230 USD)
Balance 1 093 UAH(27 USD)
617 053 UAH (15 257 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
17/03/156747 UAHSponsorship from Andriy Korchunovsky
Total: 6 747 UAH (167 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
19/08/2015Diesel generator Kentavr КDG-505ЕК113280.08 UAHtransferred from The Marines
17/04/15Tank 100 liters21000 UAHSponsorship
17/04/15Materials for KUNG146003.15 UAHSponsorship
24/02/15Materials for KUNG117649.28 UAHSponsorship
06/02/15Diesel generator KENTAVR115800 UAHSponsorship
29/01/15Sanitaryware13300 UAHSponsorship
29/01/15Sanitaryware15700 UAHSponsorship
28/01/15Electric equipment142114.19 UAHSponsorship
11/12/14Plastic bins 500 liters 22200 UAHSponsorship
04/12/14Water pump24000 UAHSponsorship from Dmytro and Oleksandr Voloschenko
04/12/14Washing machines, used79000 UAHSponsorship
04/12/14Diesel generator, 4.5 kW111000 UAHSponsorship
Total: 171 047 UAH (4 229 USD)
31/01/1503:0628.74 USDGBlokz*
25/01/1502:3448.60 USDUSandr*
18/01/1522:229.38 USDDEjoes*
86.72 USD
* 86.72 USD as of the date of conversion (03.03.2015) amounted to 2329.14 UAH.
* Commission payments via PayPal ranges from 0.3% to 7.4% + $0.30

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Settlement account 26003053211018
16/06/1512:2871 466 UAH
15/06/1513:1870 466 UAH
15/06/1509:12500 UAH ******3221
12/06/1520:29150 UAH ******3231
11/06/1502:25150 UAH ******7524
07/06/1510:5250 UAH ******5324
05/06/1517:45300 UAH
05/06/1513:472 000 UAH
27/05/1521:33500 UAH ******4679
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 436 930.00 UAH (10 803 USD)
* LiqPay payment commission for Visa and MasterCard holders of all Ukrainian banks is 0%.
* Currency is converted automatically into Ukrainian hryvnias at the moment of transfer.

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615 960 UAH (15 230 USD)
Current project spending
15/08/2016KUNG-based laundry for special forces unit1 39 558.00delivered to military unit E6117
15/08/2016Parts and materials for headquarters KUNG for gunners1 7 297.41delivered to military unit A2062
15/08/2016Cover for Kamaz1 4 664.00delivered to military unit A0224
16/02/2016Filters4 720.00delivered to military unit А1228
16/02/2016Sprayer6 1 332.00delivered to military unit А1228
16/02/2016Drain pump1 2 106.00delivered to military unit А1228
16/02/2016Fire hose1 1 080.00delivered to military unit А1228
09/02/2016Inverter welding Dnipro-M1 2 700.00delivered to military unit А1430
09/02/2016Rechargeable screwdriver Makita1 2 583.00delivered to military unit А1430
09/02/2016Hammer drill Makita1 1 557.00delivered to military unit А1430
09/02/2016Electric saw Makita1 3 277.00delivered to military unit А1430
09/02/2016Angle grinder Makita1 2 393.00delivered to military unit А1430
26/12/2015Fan heater Underprice FH-201510 2 431.00delivered to military unit A2062
26/12/2015Tents foe Ural and Kamaz3 11 856.00delivered to military unit B2492
26/12/2015Cabel km5.5 23 716.00delivered to military unit A0666
26/12/2015Materials for the arrangement of the laundry for the Navy SEALs1 2 651.53delivered to military unit B2492
26/12/2015Film and metal sheets-- 3 911.61delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Covers for vehicles13 3 608.34delivered to military unit A2062
26/12/2015Tent for Zil1 2 869.66delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Chainsaw and spare chain1 2 030.00delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Tent for Ural1 1 570.00delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Tent for Zil6 13 264.04delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Electro tools55 8 020.00delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Washing machine used1 1 800.00delivered to military unit A1228
26/12/2015Materials for the shower complex1 8 780.10delivered to military unit A0224
26/12/2015Polyethylene film square m51.3 2 146.20delivered to military unit A2062
26/12/2015Tent for Ural1 1 570.00delivered to military A0224
26/12/2015Floodlight6 1 966.80delivered to military unit A2602
26/12/2015Military bag16 4 860.00delivered to Alpha squad
26/12/2015Covers for vehicles1 828.00delivered to Alpha squad
26/12/2015Detergents4 434.00delivered to military unit A2777
26/12/2015Covers for vehicles1 1 680.00delivered to Alpha squad
26/12/2015Paints and materials-- 4 472.76delivered to military unit A2802
15/12/2015Diesel generator 5.5 kW Forte FGD6500E31 13 150.00transferred to Back to Fight! 2
15/09/2015Sit cover1 2 550.00delivered to Alpha squads
18/08/2015Materials for converting KUNG into mobile laundry for Marine Corps1 34 675.79Delivered to military unit A2777
23/07/2015KUNG based bathroom for 79th Brigade1 6 503.41delivered to military unit А0224
16/07/2015KUNG-based laundry for 78th battalion1 30 833.94delivered to military unit B4756
19/06/2015Powder fire extinguisher OP-58 2 800.00delivered to military unit А2062
19/06/2015Airbrush1 225.00delivered to military unit А2062
19/06/2015Hose1 110.00delivered to military unit А2062
02/06/2015KUNG-based laundry for pilots1 51 407.79delivered to military unit А1604
02/06/2015KUNG-based laundry for paratroopers 21 54 548.17delivered to military unit А0224
02/06/2015KUNG-based laundry for paratroopers 1 51 054.02delivered to military unit А0224
02/06/2015KUNG-based laundry for coastal artillery 21 38 855.22delivered to military unit А2062
02/06/2015KUNG-based laundry for coastal artillery 1 48 048.50delivered to military unit А2062
30/05/2015Household goods41 11 355.00delivered to military unit А2062
30/05/2015Tent for Ural1 4 860.00delivered to military unit А0224
30/05/2015Washing powder, kg.20 400.00delivered to military unit А0224
30/05/2015Repair kit for MS1801 2 230.00delivered to military unit А0224
30/05/2015Wire 2х1,5, meters300 1 954.51delivered to military unit А2062
30/05/2015Tent for KrAZ 4.6х2.6х1.61 3 100.00delivered to military unit А2062
30/05/2015Wrenches and screwdrivers7 2 795.00delivered to military unit A2062
30/05/2015Household and bathroom goods1 6 689.70delivered to military unit А2062
15/05/2015Ties, 4х200, 100 pieces5 187.50delivered to military unit А 3163
15/05/2015Polypropylene bags500 2 175.00delivered to military unit А 3163
05/05/2015Internal transfer1 6 000.00transferred to Spare Parts and Supplies
30/04/2015Wire 2х1,5, м.500 3 257.52delivered to military unit А0224
30/04/2015Lamp 75 W50 325.00delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Portable lamp20 2 734.32delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Triple socket Shuko30 4 069.92delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Plug60 407.16delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Wire 2х1,5, meters.500 3 257.52delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Black film 1500х020, kg.207,3 5 597.10delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Chain Oregon1 252.24delivered to military unit A 2062
30/04/2015Electrical wire, metrs100 2 961.00delivered to military unit А1965
12/02/2015Spare parts and supplies1 14 881.02delivered to military unit A2062
04/02/2015KUNG based bathroom1 10 068.83delivered to military unit A2802
30/12/2014Galvanized Steel Mesh 50х1,8, sq. m.540 7 408.80delivered to military unit A1080
19/12/2014Spare parts for the repair and improvement of mobile laundry (installed in the KUNG)1 8 297.83delivered to military unit A2802
11/12/2014Plastic containers 500 l2 2 200.00installed into KUNG
Total: 615 960.26 UAH (15 230 USD)