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Mobile Border Guard

military unit 1498

20 people


835 980 UAH (37 849 USD)

of 835 980 UAH (37 848 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Project manager

Volunteer Sergiy Matviyenko Tel.: 097 7526977

Functions and duties of the border guards

Mobile border guard platoon of Ukrainian state border guard service ensures the integrity of National border.


The main tasks of the platoon are:
– Security of defined area of the state border
– Preventing the illegal crossing of the state border
– Participation in carrying out the border operations
– Carrying out the local point actions and operating the subordinate units
– Actions against illegal activity on the borderline, counter-terror and counter-organized crimes fight in interaction with the Secret Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affair
– Security of state officials and institutions
– Maintenance of constant readiness of forces and means for operative fulfillment of tasks during pthe eace time and combat readiness while the transition from peace to martial law.
– Carrying out the trainings for the personnel and psychological therapy events.

What’s the money raised for?

For secure and uninterrupted service we want to provide the border guards with the most necessary items.

The border guard spend a great amount of time in the areas, distanced from residential districts. Today, when the border is penetrated, they need our support more than ever.

Project budget
Tires for the trailer4 units6 400 UAH
Army beds47 units40 890 UAH
Tactical kevlar helmet113 units242 385 UAH
Water container PER-V 1000 liters1 units3 500 UAH
Water container PER-VT 500 liters1 units2 500 UAH
Water container PTMB 100 liters1 units1 000 UAH
Water container PTMB 50 liters1 units500 UAH
Pulsar binocularis Edge GS 2.7 x 502 units14 800 UAH
Pulsar monocular Challenger GS 1 x 202 units9 100 UAH
Pulsar glasses Edge GS 1 х 201 units7 050 UAH
Thermovision monitor Pulsar HD38S3 units156 000 UAH
Body armor of the 2nd protection level20 units18 000 UAH
Body armor of the 3rd protection level90 units243 000 UAH
Body armor of the 4th protection level25 units52 500 UAH
Collimator sight Mepro215 units26 895 UAH
Mine detector1 units3 340 UAH
Handguard5 units1 800 UAH
Fire transfer handle5 units845 UAH
Tactical torch 5 units4 160 UAH
remote button for the flashlight5 units1 315 UAH
Total:   835 980.00 UAH

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