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People’s Satellite Communication

military unit А0224

2 people


187 200 UAH (8 475 USD)

of 187 200 UAH (8 475 USD) needed

100% raised

Updated 20.01.2022 at 19:16
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project manager

People's project volunteer Valery Kisel Tel.: 067 1064445

What's the money raised for?

The 79th Mykolaiv Detached Airmobile Brigade is in urgent need of reliable and protected satellite communication for proper contact and coordination between units.

Thuraya XT device + starter kit (12 sets)
Thuraya XT device + starter kit (12 sets)
paid 100%
12/12 un.

Totally:   187 200.00 UAH

Why is the project important

The most difficult problem faced today is the lack of coordination between units, when connection is broken. It’s no secret the Ukrainian army is not equipped for communication in the combat situation it finds itself in - even with basic radio sets. Moreover, in the ATO zone even when phones and radio sets are available, they simply don’t work because of blackouts.

Now imagine if the elite saboteurs unit, deployed for special tasks far from our checkpoints suddenly got ambushed. The number of enemy forces is three times larger then our group is. Retreat is impossible… There are two ways:

1. To die as heroes, trying to take along with you as many enemy troopers as possible.
2. Promptly call for aviation or armor reinforcement and hold on to the end, husbanding ammunition until assistance comes.

They, of course, opt for the second choice, but there is a problem. The unit realize the terrorists have engineered a communication blackout. Nothing helps, there is only one emergency option left...it works. The fighters are rescued due to a simple device, widely used by sailors - a Thuraya satellite phone.

This story is based on real events. We cannot share all the details, but as this case proves it is certain, that even 12 sattelite devices, given only to commanders will help hundreds of soldiers survive. The price of this invaluable haul - 187,000 UAH for 12 sets.


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