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First People’s Drones

100% of funds needed for drone raised!

We are waiting for military feedback about the needed capability of the drone and working on further development of the project.
When we started this project on our site, we had a certain financial projection – US$18,000. That was the required sum for the basic complex configuration. The rest of the money, that we’ve been raising on this page, is planned to be used for the additional equipment (camera with thermovision imager, receivers etc). The complex has been through flight tests. In the interests of secrecy photo and video of these trials are, so far, forbidden. However, we can say that they were successful. So our drone will fulfill combat tasks in the ATO zone in a week. We will soon show you video of its operation.
We have saved quite a lot of money thanks to sponsors, who purchased the necessary spare parts and equipment and handed it over to the engineers. At this moment we have 211,162.09 UAH on the balance of the “First people’s drone” project. The money will be spent for the production of new apparatus, arrangement of serial-production or for the rent of fcompleted drone systems. Every step of the way we are coordinating with the military.

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Project Completed

First People’s Drones

First Ukrainian reconnaissance and fire adjustment drone.

military unit 3066, В2262, А0224, 3027, В0849
689 189 UAH (28 854 USD) needed
100% raised
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