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Help to 72nd Mechanized Brigade

500 000 UAH in equipment delivered

Fighting at the front is heating up again. Ukraine’s defenders face almost daily attacks with mortars and heavy artillery. But the terrorists are facing seemingly indestructible warriors who stand steadfast. They also better understand the enemy tactics after they mounted an unsuccessful assault on the 72nd Battalion’s position in the village Starohnatovka recently. The Ukrainian military counterattack repelled the enemy offensive and it quickly turned into a “tactical retreat”.

At this time, our support is more important than ever, so we did not waste time and quickly delivered to the soldiers of the 72nd mechanized brigade equipment worth more than 500,000 hryvnias! Now tools for the repair of vehicles and equipment, the construction of fortifications, powerful rangefinders, thermal imagers, high-tech optical scopes and other equipment is making life guarding the front and the combat missions of Ukraine’s guys easier.

And that’s not all, the project Help to 72nd Mechanized Brigade continues. Get involved together the enemy will not stand a chance!

13/08/2015Newcon LRB 6000 CI laser rangefinder2 --delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/20153-point B-038.1 belt50 --delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Cover for helmet490 49 000.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Side bracket8 1 944.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Plank under side bracket3 486.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Bushnell ET6245F 6-24x50 FFP 30mm sight2 43 138.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015SCTM-16 30mm Tactical Low Mounts2 466.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Chain saw4 10 360.12delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Stanley Expert socket set8 12 960.08delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Global Vision Ballistech-1 protective masks50 19 000.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/201524-220 В vehicle inverters6 5 100.00delivered to military unit В 0849
13/08/2015Pulsar Quantum XD 50S thermal imager1 81 770.00delivered to military unit В 0849
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Project Completed

Help to 72nd Mechanized Brigade

Providing military of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade with modern equipment

military unit В 0849
1 413 349 UAH (53 980 USD) needed
100% raised
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