Tactical Medical Backpacks

February 20, 2015

Backpacks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Backpacks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The formation of an efficient army during a war is not an easy task. But we all have repeatedly found out that our soldiers are heroes who are writing history repelling an aggressive invader.

As part of the Tactical Medical Backpacks project, The People’s Project team together with Save Lives Together continues to provide Ukrainian forces with means for dealing with emergencies and ensuring survival.

The backpacks are designed for groups of up to 15 people, emergency medical care in vehicles and contain evacuation equipment, hemostatic bandages, means for survival and more. They were developed jointly with an American doctor accordance with the standards of special units of the Armed Forces of the United States.

The same backpack can be called a “portable medical center, which takes a few minutes to set up and can save lives even in the midst of hostilities.”
We believe that the backpacks will be more than helpful, providing convenient and robust medical help!

Save Lives Together – Tactical Medical Backpacks

Many thanks to all who participated in the project! Together with you, we can help ensure our army’s safety!

Date Name Quantity Cost Destination
20/02/2015 Tactical medical backpacks 3 40 500.00 Delivered to navy special forces of Ukraine troops
20/02/2015 Tactical medical backpacks 1 13 200.00 delivered to military unit В0105
20/02/2015 Tactical medical backpacks 1 -- Delivered to the unit 'Alpha'
20/02/2015 Tactical medical backpacks 1 -- Delivered to the 3rd separate unit of special forces regiment of Kirovograd


Altogether on the project

Tactical Medical Backpacks

177 people


106 623 UAH (4 464 USD)

of 80 550 UAH (3 372 USD) needed

132% raised

Updated 22.10.2015 at 8:21
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