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Help 79

Makita chain saw handed over to military

What’s the difference between the work of volunteers and that of the bureaucratic Defense Ministry? Firstly the rapid response of the former. “People’s Project” quickly responds to appeals for assistance. The military of 28th Brigade asked for help one morning, and by the middle of the day they received. We provided them with the tool within hours!

01/10/2014“Makita” petrole-powered chain saw1 2 689.50delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014Chain Stihl1 115.00delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014Two-stoke engine oil 1 liter1 66.00delivered to military unit A0224
01/10/2014Chain oil 1 liter1 55.00delivered to military unit A0224
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Help 79

Help the armed forces of Mykolaiv. Help them keep warm and safe.

military unit A0224
840 000 UAH (35 169 USD) needed
100% raised
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