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First People’s Drones

Modernization of drone

The people’s drone is a scientific development that is rather risky and requires a lot of effort and time. Unfortunately,our scientists can not cope with this job in the allotted time. That’s why our big team at the People’s project decided to chip in to buy couple of drones. When choosing which models all details and specifications were taken into account. Thus, the new drones are better and less vulnerable. The task was complicated, but we coped with it and purchased new versions of the drones considering needs of the military. Which ones? Soon we’ll show you. Follow our news.

10/08/2014Modernization1 18 000.00paid
10/08/2014Money transfer fee1 2 525.72paid
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Project Completed

First People’s Drones

First Ukrainian reconnaissance and fire adjustment drone.

military unit 3066, В2262, А0224, 3027, В0849
689 189 UAH (28 854 USD) needed
100% raised
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