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Binoculars and monoculars for 37th armored infantry battalion

Recently, The People’s Project team donated another consignment to the boys in Shyrokyne. Sector “M” is one of many areas in the ATO zone where pro-Russian militants open fire from their positions in an attempt to provoke the Ukrainian side. To the soldiers of the 37th Brigade we delivered optical gear to the gunners of the artillery that should prove irreplaceable in assisting them in their duties. To artillery we presented two rangefinders with a 6 km capability and a reference coordinate system that helps to calculate the distance of enemy objects. This task is typically performed at 2 km with rangefinders that are more suitable for relaying intelligence from observation posts. For the binoculars and monoculars and UZI 5×20 sights the 37th Brigade fighters also say, “thank you”, as these devices are indispensable for intelligence and sabotage missions.
Our Autumn “season of giving” has started! The People’s Project is grateful to all the great people who help and support Ukraine’s men!

04/09/2015Arsenal 7x50 binoculars3 5 730.00delivered to military unit В6266
04/09/2015UZI 5x20 monocular2 3 800.00delivered to military unit В6266
04/09/2015Rangefinder Newcon 1800 LRM4 50 048.00delivered to military unit В6266
04/09/2015Rangefinder Newcon LRB 6000 СI2 245 430.00delivered to military unit В6266
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Help to the AZOV battalion, battalion Donbas, the 37th armored infantry battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Right Sector.

military units 3057, В6266, В2317
1 078 173 UAH (39 014 USD) needed
100% raised
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