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Artillery. Recovering after Debaltseve

Binoculars for spotters

Spotters are the eyes of the artillery. Their work is both very important and dangerous as they put themselves in the line of fire.
It is our duty to support them and equip them with all necessary devices to do their job efficiently and, more importantly, safely.
Recently, one of the best artillery fire spotters of the 55th Brigade sent us a request to supply them with more powerful binoculars, with a greater frequency rate, better than that of the old B12.
He is a very experienced warrior and has spent many a day in this war, 38 of them he spent adjusting artillery fire at the cauldron of conflict that was Donetsk Airport, including from the control tower. For he and his colleagues, we have acquired five Yukon 30x binoculars.
The Binoculars have been transferred to the volunteers of this project, and they, in turn, will deliver the gear to the fighters and later provide a photo report and documents. Now the guys will see more and have even better control of artillery fire.

08/06/2015Binoculars YUKON BЗ 30х505 14 250.00delivered to military unit В0105
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Artillery. Recovering after Debaltseve

Help to the 55th Artillery Brigade which is positioned on the front line.

military unit В0105, А1978
2 590 954 UAH (93 756 USD) needed
100% raised
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