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Airport 2015

Budget update

The positions of the military defending the airport are to be strengthened by additional units.
However, according to the latest information on the ground the needs of the forces are multiple. The soldiers need medication, equipment, and various devices. They have lost almost everything under enemy artillery final.
When the list of requirements is finalized, not a minute should be lost. We must acquire the necessary gear very quickly. Therefore, we have increased the budget by 200 000 UAH.

Every contribution is important, thank you all for the supporting the project.

All the money spent within this project will be transparently displayed on the project page. All tangible assets are transferred to the balance of the military units.

Interview with the airport defender, the commander of the 5th Battalion.

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Project Completed

Airport 2015

Help to the 81st Donetsk Airborne Brigade.

military unit А1126, Т0230, A0224
1 194 746 UAH (48 080 USD) needed
100% raised
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