School of Military Divers

April 19, 2017

Cool T-shirts give away from the divers

Cool T-shirts give away from the divers

A great opportunity to get a cool T-shirts with The School of Military Divers logo of an excellent quality, with a bright prints and inspiring image. You can be sure, that such T-shirt will attract attention of those, who are versed in a submarine warfare. Also, they fit perfectly. Those T-shirts were made at own expense of the chief instructor of the project, military diving pro, and just a good person Kostiantyn Myrgorodskyi, and he is ready to give them out personally. Be sure, that no one else in the world have this T-shirts. And it is very simple for anyone to get it. You should only follow a small condition.


T-Shirts and prints are of an extremely high quality, that will serve you faithfully for a long time

Just recently we reopened The “School of Military Divers. Stage II” Project. Kostiantyn and his colleagues started the second phase of a training of military diving experts. All educational facilities of Ukrainian navy remained at the occupied Crimea. That is why guys launched a volunteer project on their own enthusiasm, in terms of which they prepared modern combat divers. We also show some support to this wonderful initiative. A part of the cost of the equipment and a rent of a sports complex for divers The People’s Project covers at the expense of people’s donations, collected in terms of the project. Given the experience of Kostiantyn and his colleague instructors, we are sure, it is better to prepare for underwater confrontation with the aggressor in advance, than to wait in pity and tell how bad is the situation.


Kostiantyn, initiator of the project, will hand in nice T-shirts personally

A few words about T-shirts. Kostiantyn promises to present one of the T-shirt to every benefactor, who donate to The “School of Military Divers. Stage II” Project more than 500 UAH. The remained amount is limited. Hurry up to catch this great opportunity. After all, it is a reasonable amount to donate to support the divers, who are wiling to protect underwater border of Ukraine. Only together we can protect Ukraine.

A little request from volunteers. To avoid any delays or misunderstandings, please, once you make a contribution to the project in an amount bigger or equal than 500 UAH, go to the Facebook page of the project, subscribe to the news of the project, and tell us payment details in a private message or by mail to [email protected]. In this way we will be able to do everything necessary as quickly as possible, so you can get a superb new T-shirt from divers. Thank you for your support.


Altogether on the project

School of Military Divers

388 people


390 543 UAH (14 132 USD)

of 380 000 UAH (13 750 USD) needed

102% raised

Updated 12.11.2019 at 18:03
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Project coordinator:

Konstantin Mirgorodsky

+380 99 303 71 86

Requisites of the project School of Military Divers

PrivatBank for UAH transfers

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “BLAGOCHESTYA REGIONAL FUND”
PC CB PrivatBank
SREOU: 36143302
MFO: 326610
Purpose of payment: charity donation for ‘school of military divers’

SWIFT-transfer in USD

Account: UA803266100000026009053209659
Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank,Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X
Intermediary bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
Swift code: CHASUS33
Correspondent account: 001-1-000080
Description: Donation for ‘School of military divers’ project

SWIFT-transfer in EUR

Account: UA413266100000026009053206287
Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank,Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X
Intermediary bank: Commerzbank AG,Germany
Swift code: COBADEFF
Correspondent account: 400 8867 00401
Description: Donation for ‘School of military divers’ project

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