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Back to Fight! 2

Equipment for Alpha

The People’s Project activists have already this year made another delivery to the Mykolaiv-based Alpha – the Ukrainian version of SWAT. The Special Forces soldiers are trained specifically in complex anti-terrorism operations. The storming of buildings is part of that and needs to be efficiently and smoothly and often involves rappelling down a building’s exterior. So for both the soldier’s training and work, we presented them with new abseiling equipment. The volunteers who delivered the gear were even able to witness training first hand – a fascinating spectacle.
Besides this gear, the “spidermen” of Alpha were also presented with a raft of other equipment. The full list can be seen in the table below.
Now we are focusing on providing Alpha with much-needed drones to improve its surveillance capabilites, so please lend your support to the Five Quadcopters PC-1 project.

30/12/2015 Leather shooting gloves5 1 475.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Tactical gloves Blackhawk9 1 845.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015 Plate carrier FOPC5 8 225.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Multi-functional tactical pouch1 190.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015 Medical pouch2 790.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Organizer pouch1 390.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Field suit SPFU5 7 250.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Load bearing vest2 1 604.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Hat7 1 407.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Thigh holster2 782.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Holster1 263.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Folding shovel9 4 410.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Climbing gear4 26 842.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Set of aluminium dishes1 650.00delivered to Alpha squad
30/12/2015Head flashlight10 10 000.00delivered to Alpha squad
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Back to Fight! 2

Supplying combat units with essential equipment.

military units А0224, А1430, Alpha
1 589 894 UAH (57 531 USD) needed
100% raised
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