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The Marines

Inflatable field hospital for Marines

In honor of Naval Forces Day our volunteers presented a gift to The Marines – an inflatable field hospital!
Military marines units were withdrawn from occupied Crimea meaning their main logistical base was left behind.
Due to this fact marine command and medical staff were left without a mobile hospital, which would have complied with all hygiene standards and could ensure the reception of military who need medical care. So, they turned to The People’s Project for help. Together with volunteers we took up this issue.

The unique aspect of the tent is that it is made of high-strength material and is double-layer with the air layer in between. This tent retains heat in winter and remains cool in summer.
The inflatable tent for Marines can accommodate 30 beds or 10 beds with the necessary medical equipment.

Windows can be opened internally or externally and are fitted with mosquito nets.

The use of a diesel generator and pneumopump for 30-40 minutes allow for the transformation of the tent from the currently stowed position to a fully-operational position.
Also, the tent is equipped with energy-saving lamps and other appliances that feed necessary medical equipment.
The hospital will be in the combat zone soon – within a few weeks it will be taken to the soldiers on the front.
Once again we congratulate the guys on Naval Forces Day and wish them only victory!

The military examine mobile hospital

03/07/2015Inflatable shell1 74 070.00delivered to military unit А 1965
03/07/2015Second layer for temperature control1 32 250.00delivered to military unit А 1965
03/07/2015Protective groundsheet1 9 640.00delivered to military unit А 1965
03/07/2015Air pumping system1 9 040.00delivered to military unit А 1965
03/07/2015Lighting for tent1 5 290.00delivered to military unit А 1965
03/07/2015Diesel generator Forte FGD 6500E3 (30750)1 --delivered to military unit А 1965
03/07/2015Cables and connectors for the inflatable tent1 2 100.00delivered to military unit А 1965
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Project Completed

The Marines

Support for the ATO participants from the 1st Detached marine battalion

military units А2802, А1965, А2777
715 590 UAH (25 894 USD) needed
100% raised
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