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Airport 2015

Information from volunteer Tetyana Rychkova

It is not a time for celebration yet. The close to a million UAH raised so far in our “Airport 2015” project will evaporate with just a few purchases. Volunteer Tetyana Rychkova has just phoned. She, along with fellow volunteer Yuri Biryukov, remain at the embattled Dontesk Airport to observe and ascertain what the Ukrainian forces in the field need. She says seven thermal imagers have been destroyed and from a couple of dozen armored vehicles only five remain. Rubber boots are also urgently needed considering the weather. Boots are easy to buy. However there is an issue in finding and funding enough imagers and night vision devices for military vehicle drivers to replace those destroyed.
For this we will need to keep on with fundraising.
We ask for the assistance of anyone who can help us find suppliers of night vision devices we can purchase by non-cash transfer. If you have information please write us a message in Facebook. However, please, make sure these products are in stock. Thank you for your supporting “Airport 2015”!

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Project Completed

Airport 2015

Help to the 81st Donetsk Airborne Brigade.

military unit А1126, Т0230, A0224
1 194 746 UAH (48 080 USD) needed
100% raised
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