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Navy SEALs

Division of 73rd Special Forces Navy Center return from ATO zone

Our military were given a warm welcome in Ochakov on April 7 when patriotic citizens of the town came to greet the heroes. Children with flowers, veterans of WWII, mothers with tears of pride and wives with tears of joy were there to welcome and thank those who stand in the way of our enemy in its attempt to take our freedom from us.

Bright children’s paintings were hanging on the entrance to the military base, when our fighters came back from the war. Mykolaiv residents came to greet their heroes.

Встреча-04-09-2014-11Встреча-04-09-2014-18 Встреча-04-09-2014-31 Встреча-04-09-2014-29 Встреча-04-09-2014-28 Встреча-04-09-2014-27 Встреча-04-09-2014-25 Встреча-04-09-2014-23 Встреча-04-09-2014-22 Встреча-04-09-2014-20 Встреча-04-09-2014-19
A brass band played a military march for evidently exhausted, but filled with dignity soldiers.

Ukrainian fighters were kissing their beloved, mothers and children.

A big holiday in Ochakiv!

Ukrainian volunteers are ready to continue the work on supporting the defenders of the country.

Glory to Ukraine!
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Navy SEALs

Equipment for the special reconnaissance unit of Ukraine Naval Forces

military unit А 1594
3 086 315 UAH (115 450 USD) needed
100% raised
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