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First People’s Sniper

Kirovograd snipers get 7 equipment sets from volunteers


Kirovograd 3rd Special Forces Platoon have received seven sniper sets from our volunteers.
Also we presented an optical sight and console, “both made in Germany”, from our vendor. For every acquisition we were given a 35% discount.


At the frontline:

07/07/2014Load bearing vest7 2 843.75delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Medical pouch7 1 410.50delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Pouch14 2 047.50delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Tactical glasses ESS7 2 464.00delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Patrol mounting backpack7 7 052.50delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Camouflage suit7 8 904.00delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Tropical panama7 773.50delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Suit SPFU7 5 687.50delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Camouflage ribbon7 1 540.00delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Shooting gloves7 932.75delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Field seat7 1 001.00delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Tourist mat7 2 593.50delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Universal holster1 143.00delivered to military unit A0680
07/07/2014Shoulder bag1 416.00delivered to military unit A0680
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Project Completed

First People’s Sniper

Modern equipment for 79th DAMB snipers participating in the ATO

military units А2272, А1594, А0224, А0680, Alpha
541 050 UAH (22 652 USD) needed
100% raised
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