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The Marines

Mobile cots for Marines

A fortnight ago, the commanders of the Marines requested we assist in the purchase of cots for soldiers that would replace uncomfortable wooden decks and other improvised materials that are neither mobile nor convenient.
Through the joint effort of project volunteer Igor Kutsar and The People’s Project we found the solution, compact, lightweight, functional, convenient and versatile cot-stretchers. The product is lightweight, easy to fold and transport and takes up little space when stored.
The cot-stretcher is specially designed for military use. It is durable and each set includes a MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) transport backpack and fastening system with sleeping may and cot-stretcher attached. This system is utilized by a number of NATO armed forces, especially the British Army and the United States Army.

Use of the product:

The backpack can be used to carry food, ammunition and various other goods, as well as to store equipment and clothing in wet weather, which is very practical. The backpack material is water-resistant. The sleeping mat can be inserted into the fabric of the cot and provide for a more relaxing rest.
When disassembled, the fabric part of the cot-stretcher, can be used to transport wounded from the red zone to safety.

It should be noted the Marines appreciated the advantages of this product. Its versatility (backpack, cot-stretcher), fast deployment, small dimensions when folded, and light weight. Soldiers expressed their gratitude to The People’s Project for taking care of them and of course to everyone who supports the project.

21/04/2015Portable cot-stretcher100 104 000.00delivered to military unit А 2802
21/04/2015Chevrons100 2 250.00delivered to military unit А 2802
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Project Completed

The Marines

Support for the ATO participants from the 1st Detached marine battalion

military units А2802, А1965, А2777
715 590 UAH (25 894 USD) needed
100% raised
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